Michael Power

Chief Financial Officer, interim

Matt Nachtrab is the Chief Executive Officer of LabTech Software. Responsible for overall strategic planning and business expansion, Matt is truly committed to the vision of developing and commercializing a unique global client management platform that is designed from the perspective of today’s IT professionals.

In 2000, Matt co-founded Nemsys, an IT managed service provider (MSP) serving small businesses in Toledo, Ohio, and the predecessor to LabTech Software. Like his co-founders, Matt soon recognized the need for a new agent-based platform that could improve efficiencies. Nemsys experienced seven years of substantial and consistent 75% annual growth under his leadership, and continues to operate successfully to date.

Prior to co-founding Nemsys, Matt worked as a Database Administrator and Quality Assurance Manager at Heartland Information Services, from 1998 to 2002.

Matt grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and comes from a highly entrepreneurial family. He believes that growing up in a business-minded environment helped prepare him to deal with the challenges and responsibilities of successfully growing an emerging software company like LabTech Software.