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December 11, 2014

3 Signs Your Management Team Has a Weak Link and Tips to Address It

Brett Cheloff
General Manager, LabTech Software
ConnectWise, Inc.

As your business grows, it is critical to have reliable managers helping you run it. A good management team allows you to scale your business beyond five employees. Conversely, one bad manager can bring down the efficiency of the entire company. That one person can monopolize your time and the rest of your business will suffer.

Building a strong team that can take your company to the next level is all about playing to employee strengths and helping mitigate struggles. By recognizing issues in your management team before they become crises, you’ll build a happier and more efficient organization.

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Here are three ways to determine whether your management team has a weak link:

1. Complaints

If you receive 3 or more complaints over a 2 month period from a manager’s peers, direct reports or other senior managers, you most likely have a problem. Consistent complaints about a manager are a red flag that something’s not right in their communication and leadership methodology. Address complaints quickly and in detail, making note of trends across reports.

2. Drama Formula

It goes like this: (Productivity – Drama) = Value. Does the manager’s value outweigh the distractions he or she creates? Start by measuring the drama created in casual conversations. Is your manager always talking about ego, problems at home or complaints about a teammate? If the discussion isn’t about growing revenue or solving a business problem, you are likely having a drama conversation. If this takes up more than a third of your communications with this manager, you most likely have a problem.

3. Ownership

Managers should confidently own their area of business. Efficient managers should make sure you receive updates on department performance and planned initiatives. Discussed projects and requests should be followed by check-in conversations. Do you always initiate follow up with a manager? Do you have to request information on department performance? If you have to micromanage, you definitely have a problem.

Problems with management can be a waste of time and money if they aren’t addressed. If your manager has problems in one or more of the areas highlighted, create a three month plan to address the issues. The plan should involve clear action items and expectations. Don’t leave space for grey area; goals are either achieved or not achieved. If the failure continues in any of the improvement areas after three months, cut the manager loose and open up space in your team for someone who can help your business excel.

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Brett Cheloff General Manager, LabTech Software
ConnectWise, Inc.

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Improve Your Management Team

Increase client satisfaction and enhance your management team with the IT Excellence Tool Kit.