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October 11, 2015

3 Ways to Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans

CJ Wright
Product Manager, Mid-Market
ConnectWise, Inc.
3 Ways To Boost Client Satisfaction

In today’s competitive market, having satisfied clients is rarely enough to keep you truly competitive. Clients are more educated, better prepared and have more alternatives. To run a thriving company, your satisfied clients need to become raving fans.

Encouraging that transition is all about a dedication to the best service possible.

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Here are a few tips to get you there.

Know Your Clients

First and foremost, you must exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service. You might think this is a given, but oftentimes this is where companies fall down.

At any given moment, you can assume that your clients are being pursued by another company or are researching other options. Keep in mind that when clients are shopping alternative solutions, they are typically looking for more than just quality service for a good price. In fact, according to Dale Carnegie, more than 50% of clients will discontinue doing business with an organization, not because of price or quality, but due to human interactions. To counter this, you must become a trusted advisor. That means understanding your clients’ vision and learning to decipher their “why” before anything else.

Exceed Expectations

The next requirement for converting loyal clients into raving fans is setting clear expectations. Without clear expectations, you cannot exceed them and will find it increasingly difficult to inspire loyalty and trust among your client base.

So how can you, as a trusted advisor, repeatedly exceed client expectations? It starts with ensuring you instill this approach at every level of your business, most importantly with your colleagues. Here at LabTech Software, we have two core values that are at the center of our work every day: obsession with partner success and delivering on what you say. Both are key requirements in turning our partners in to raving fans.

Be Consistent

Once you integrate these values into your company and culture, you are on your way to turning your clients in to raving fans. However, claiming total buy-in from clients is not enough. You have to deliver exceptional work on a consistent basis to maintain this new raving fan base. One of the tools to help you do this is a playbook that documents and outlines your core processes. A playbook ensures that the same process is completed to your standards every time. A great opportunity to convert clients into raving fans is the onboarding process for a new client. With a playbook, you can ensure exceptional quality no matter which employee is tasked with delivering it.

Documenting processes and creating a playbook is only the beginning of turning your clients into raving fans. If you don’t communicate often, you won’t know if your work is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) client expectations. Remember that without regular communication with clients, you risk losing them through failed human interactions. Perhaps Thomas A. Stewart said it best, “Customer satisfaction—deep satisfaction, the kind that creates loyalty— isn’t likely to result from one big thing. A customer’s decision to be loyal or to defect is instead the sum of many small encounters with your company.”

Make Client Satisfaction Priority #1

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CJ Wright Product Manager, Mid-Market
ConnectWise, Inc.

CJ’s thirst for knowledge spans into every facet of his life. He’s always on the lookout for ideas and solutions that will eliminate the pain points that LabTech partners experience in their day-to-day operations.


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Make Client Satisfaction Priority #1

Download this help desk eBook to improve client satisfaction and reduce client downtime.