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February 11, 2016

4 Easy Ways to Connect With Your Small Business Peers

Amy Hodge
Senior Director of Community
ConnectWise, Inc.
Connect with Your Small Business Peers

Entrepreneurship is no joke, especially when you work from home.

Not only are you under constant pressure to make big business decisions that propel your company forward, you also have to deal with isolation and in some cases, loneliness.

Does that situation sound familiar?

If so, you might find yourself questioning your decision to become an entrepreneur. You probably miss the camaraderie found in office environments and wish you had some peers to bounce ideas off of.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you. You can be an entrepreneur, work from home, and surround yourself with positive people who can help you make better business decisions. Here’s how:

Work from a Shared Space

If you miss feeling like part of a community, working from a shared space could be the answer.

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Regardless of where you live, chances are, you’ll find several co-working spaces within driving distance of your home. It’s as easy as searching on Google to find one near you.

Now, you might feel hesitant about co-working; after all, it’ll cost you some money (membership fees and commute costs) to work from a shared space. But isn’t that a small price to pay for a positive, collaborative environment?

Definitely. So, if it sounds like a good option for you, give it a try.

Get Active in Your Local Community

Another way you can gain a network of peers in your community is by joining groups in your city. Consider stopping by your local chamber of commerce to see how you can get involved.

And don’t forget to check Meetup for popular entrepreneur groups in your area, too. All you need to do is visit the site, search for the group you want by keyword, and enter your location. Then, you’ll see a list of groups that meet your criteria; it’s that simple!

Once you start getting active in your community, you’ll find that it’s much easier to spread the word about your business and build relationships with other entrepreneurs in your area.

Attend IT Nation, Automation Nation, and User Groups

If you’re really serious about networking with your peers, attending one (or all!) of these events is the way to go. Let’s talk a bit more in-depth about what each one has to offer.

For business owners in the IT industry, IT Nation is a must. That’s because the event offers in-depth training sessions, riveting keynotes, and even parties where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs!

Plus, it’s located in gorgeous Orlando, Florida. So, when you’re done learning how to take your company to the next level at IT Nation, you can relax and enjoy the city.

If you want to learn automation best practices, practical how-to’s that will help you power your business forward, and discover the latest trends in business solutions, then Automation Nation is for you.

This event takes place in Orlando in June, and it features 301 LabTech Geek sessions, discussions led by LabTech executives, and lots of opportunities to network. So, register for Automation Nation today, pack your bags, and get ready to network and learn!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a collaborative group environment full MSP business owners like you, consider joining a ConnectWise User Group.

At these groups, you’ll get educated by industry-leading experts, build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs in your industry, and gain the chance to share your ideas in a non-competitive environment.

Getting started is as easy as finding a User Group near you today!

Join a Digital Community

If you don’t have enough time to leave your house and socialize, don’t worry—you can still find a group of colleagues to help you feel less isolated and more confident about your business decisions. You just have to look around online a bit until you find the right community.

One of the best places to look is LinkedIn. Log in to your LinkedIn account now, start looking for LinkedIn Groups full of like-minded MSP business owners, and join those groups.

Looking for Something Different than LinkedIn?

Don’t worry, you have several other options. For example, you can participate in discussions on the MSP SubReddit and other online forums, or you can join an app-based community for business owners like Shapr.

By participating in these online communities, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to engage with others who have faced the challenges you deal with on a daily basis.

No matter which method you choose to connect with other entrepreneurs, you’ll find that networking can be extremely constructive for your growing business. And who knows, you might even find yourself mentoring your less experienced peers!

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Amy Hodge Senior Director of Community
ConnectWise, Inc.

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