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October 6, 2015

4 Strategies for More Effective Sales Calls

Adam Slutskin
Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.
Effective Sales Calls

Your business is only as strong as your sales, and they depend on keeping up with a new generation of savvy buyers. To be successful in this brave new world of sales, you’ve got to have the right strategies in place to speak to your buyers on a truly effective level.

Getting your message across—and making the sale—starts with a delicate balance. You want to do enough research to be able to reach out to buyers with a personalized message, but you also need to reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. How do you find the right balance? Start with these 4 tips for maximizing opportunities while minimizing your time investment.

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1. Get to the Point

To really keep your sales approach fresh and effective, it’s time to abandon your tried-and-true sales script. You don’t have to scrap it completely, but shift your focus away from the same greetings and intros your prospects are hearing on every other sales call.

Instead, jump right into the point of your call. Directly reference research you’ve done on the company to let them know you’ve done your homework, and tell them exactly how you can support their current business goals. Has your prospect recently been in the news for a big merger? Are their social media channels putting a call out for tons of new hires? Now is the time to tell them, specifically, how you can help.

2. Know Your Audience

Your sales team has one chance to make a good impression. Make sure they have a solid knowledge base that helps them understand who they are talking to and what approach is most likely to succeed.

Work with marketing to build out buyer personas that include details about your ideal buyer, including:

  • Job title & experience
  • Management structure
  • Current job issues
  • Long-term business goals
  • Tools & resources at their disposal

3. Make Connections

Your phone calls need to be efficient, but they also need to give your prospects a chance to get to know you. Make sure that your very first call focuses on getting to the right person and understanding the company’s processes. By mapping out the company’s structure and finding the right contact, you’re establishing an advocate within the company to help make the sale for you.

4. Target Decision Makers

Rely on communities like LinkedIn to single out the right contacts. Find titles that determine decision makers, and reach out to them or their bosses. By creating a list of C-level connections, you’ll probably see fewer positive responses, but the ones you get will open the door to bigger opportunities. Frequent social media users should also be a primary target, since their clear comfort with technology marks them as more likely to be early adopters.

When your sales team is prepared with the right information and the best approach tactics, you’ll see better sales results in less time. These 4 tips are the perfect place to start.

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Adam Slutskin Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.


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Better Sales Now

Get the tools you need for sales success & business growth from our Business Success Team.