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January 5, 2016

5 Ways to Win & Retain Top Talent

Adam Slutskin
Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.
Win and Retain Top Employees

Work is a huge part of our lives.

Think about it, we spend a minimum of 40 hours a week or 2,080 hours a year at work. It’s incredible to think that after 40 years of working, over 80,000 hours will be spent at work in each person’s lifetime. 

The way you set up the culture of your company, where your people spend a large portion of their lives, will have a colossal impact on employee motivation, productivity, and satisfaction. To captivate and retain colleagues, understand that salary is only a small part of what interests a desirable pool of candidates.

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The key is to incorporate strategies that make your employees happy, because when workers are happy, they are more productive. And when you treat people well, they will reciprocate and care about the organization they are so vital to.

These 5 tips are essential to attracting talented and dedicated employees:

1. First & Foremost Spread Respect

Inspire innovation through a culture of respect that encourages your employees to express their ideas. They can provide fresh perspectives on business strategy—and will feel comfortable doing so in this type of environment.

At ConnectWise, we create this invaluable environment through our core values: ‘Love your work, everyday’ and ‘Your voice, your company’. Loving your work and your company, and being part of something larger, inspires the best in your workers.

2. Promote a Happy Office

An inviting office with plenty of natural sunlight, comfortable chairs, and collaborative meeting rooms creates an atmosphere conducive to productivity, creativity, and teamwork.

Make your office a place employees LIKE to come to every day, and create a culture where they feel comfortable and valued.

3. Incentivize Your People to Bring in More Talent

Like attracts like. Once you build a team of brilliant employees, encourage them to spread the word to their peers. Attract more gifted individuals through a referral program that provides a one-time payout for each successful lead.

4. Not Hiring? Interview Good Candidates Anyway

Always explore your options. Exceptional applicants are out there, even when you’re not hiring. Build a network of potential high-performing workers. If a position opens up, even if this person is no longer available, word of mouth of your amazing work culture will bring you similar talent.

5. Supply Something Special

  • Bond Through Tasty Snacks

Nothing is better for business than a group of well-fed, comfortable, and inspired individuals that are given the opportunity to spread their expertise and passion throughout the entire company. Provide relaxing breakrooms with free coffee and snacks, so your employees will have a chance to get to know each other. An established rapport with colleagues in other departments will give individuals the confidence to collaborate.

  • Help Your People Grow With the Company

Fuel creative endeavors and intellectual growth by funding training and certification options for your employees. After all, your talented staff become talented by aspiring to progress throughout their careers. Keep these individuals in your company and reap the wonderful benefits of having mutual appreciation.

Evaluate what your company can offer to potential candidates, and put in the effort to create a work culture people want to come to for 80,000+ hours of their lives. Having a positive impact on your workers’ lives will inevitably have a positive impact on your business.

To learn more ways to attract top talent, view our What’s Your HR Strategy? 5 Best Practices blog post.

5 Easy Ways to Attract Top Talent

Discover 5 things you can start doing today to attract better talent tomorrow.

Adam Slutskin Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.


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5 Easy Ways to Attract Top Talent

Discover 5 things you can start doing today to attract better talent tomorrow.