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July 7, 2015

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand

Josh Preston
Service Design Program Manager
ConnectWise, Inc.
Boost Your Brand

What the world thinks of your business often makes or breaks you. That’s why spending extra time developing your brand is well worth it. As a managed services provider (MSP), you’re positioning yourself as a business advisor instead of just a seller of IT products and services. You want to establish yourself as an expert who can offer peace of mind.

Since you’re selling an intangible product under a long-term contract, marketing is a must. The average person doesn’t understand ‘the cloud,’ let alone managed services. You have to educate them on the value it delivers.

Establish your brand by promoting your new marketing message wherever you get the chance and be sure to emphasize your place as a partner who can support their business. Here are a few easy ways to do that:

Update Your Website to Reflect Your New Message

Be sure visitors know right away the value you can offer them by updating your website with your MSP brand.

Leverage Social Media to Spark New Interest

Social media is consistently proven to be a highly successful method to win over customers. Post to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share your message.

Check Out Media Outlets to Spread the Word

Pump up awareness of your offering by placing ads on various media outlet websites. That will help keep you top of mind wherever prospective customers go.

Go Face-to-Face with Prospects at Tradeshows and Business Events

Nothing beats in-person communication, so take time to network and meet customers at industry events. It’s always easier for them to listen when you’ve got them right in front of you.

Talk to Top Executives First

Top execs are always interested in ways they can lower costs and improve efficiency. Win them over before you approach IT executives.

Share Your Credentials

Credentials and certifications build your client’s confidence in your services and ensure you’ve met specific standards, so be sure to share those on your website and in advertisements.

Effective marketing starts with developing a brand that reflects the true value of managed services. Make sure your clients know they’re buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your proactive monitoring and support will ensure they’re running at peak efficiency.

The more you share the value of your service, the more your business will grow. Look for ways to implement the above tips and think of options that might not have made this list. Prospects will be flocking to your door in no time!

Happy Clients = Happy MSPs

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Josh Preston Service Design Program Manager
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a father of two who plays Minecraft with his daughters, Josh knows the value of practice, perseverance and a fresh perspective. Raising two little girls keeps you on your toes, and Josh brings that agility to his work at LabTech Software.


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