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April 28, 2016

8 LabTech Features That Make You a Hero

Brett Cheloff
General Manager, LabTech Software
ConnectWise, Inc.
8 Key RMM Features

It’s the dawn of a new era in the IT Industry.

Change is imminent for your business, with major developments like the cloud taking over. What do you do to stay one step ahead before your business is buried by the competition? You can wait for a team of heroes to come to your rescue or, you can become your own hero.

The solutions in the ConnectWise® Business Suite™ will endow your IT organization with superpowers. Let’s take a look at one of them: LabTech’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool. Get ready to enable your team to leap tall issues in a single bound with these 8 key RMM features.


Steal Oliver Queen’s pinpoint accuracy and hunting skills, and equip your team with greater visibility (without additional fees) while LabTech’s discovery features hunt down assets and locate inventory for both agent and agentless devices, like servers, PCs, printers, and other devices connected to the network.

Demonstration - The tools you need to level up your business are all here.See for Yourself

Remote Control

LabTech’s remote control features let your technicians tap into their own source of power (the internet) without a power ring like Hal Jordan’s. They’ll be empowered to deliver fast service with 3 options for remote control for both agent and agentless devices.

Systems Management

These features offer stealth abilities that would make Bruce Wayne jealous. Four types of systems management for agent and agentless devices let your team work behind the scenes without ever alerting the end user to their presence.

Patch Management

Take a page out of Diana Prince’s book and defend your supported environment like a true warrior. With LabTech’s patch management capabilities, powered by proprietary agent technology, you can schedule and monitor this task to automatically and reliably patch multiple machines at the same time

System Monitoring

Arthur Curry keeps the peace between the land and the seas, and now your business can take the first step toward proactive maintenance for your clients, while simultaneously improving reactive response times. You don’t need to be an ancient dweller of Atlantis. Just implement these out-of-the-box best practices and service plans.


When it comes to alerting, the key is speed. Barry Allen would admire the out-of-the-box alert templates, that let you add multiple alert actions for different days and times—allowing a single template to work one way during business hours, and another way after hours.


You don’t have to endure an explosive disaster to become like Cyborg (sorry, Victor Stone). Supercharge your business with automation and over 400 out-of-the-box scripts for maintenance, software distribution, and preconfigured service plans based on industry best practices.


LabTech’s RMM empowers your business with the gift of choice. With an array of integrated solutions, IT organizations like yours can confidently expand reach, increase agility, and improve technician dexterity. Like Clark Kent, you decide how you use these powers, so choose wisely!

If you want to learn more about how this powerful piece of the ConnectWise Business Suite empowers your business to perform better, check out the demo video.

Don’t just keep up. Lead the pack!

Explore the solution that keeps you a step ahead of the industry, and your competition.

Brett Cheloff General Manager, LabTech Software
ConnectWise, Inc.

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Don’t just keep up. Lead the pack!

Explore the solution that keeps you a step ahead of the industry, and your competition.