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Email Protection

Email Encryption Best Practices

Justin Ryhal | April 16, 2015

Do your clients truly know why email encryption is important? Help them understand by sharing the simplified explanation of the 3 most popular email encryption methods. Read More

Protecting Your Business From Brand-damaging Emails

Justin Ryhal | March 17, 2015

Learn how these 3 layers of email protection will mitigate the risk of sending email communication that could be brand-damaging, and ultimately revenue impacting. Read More

3 Hauntingly Effective Ways to Capitalize on Email Security

Drew McCallum | October 21, 2014

Emails that go unprotected can lead to terrifying consequences for your clients. Learn how email security can benefit you and your clients, and get tips to implement an email security solution in your IT business. Read More

Help Your Clients Avoid the Chilling Consequences of Non-Compliance

Drew McCallum | October 17, 2014

Regulatory compliance is a veritable swamp of confusing, shifting requirements. See how including email encryption as part of your service offering can secure confidential data and ward off haunting hazards. Read More

Unearthing the Ins and Outs of Hosted Email

Drew McCallum | October 9, 2014

Avoiding data loss and downtime is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll get from implementing a hosted email solution. Learn how hosted email can help you play an even bigger role in your clients’ success. Read More

3 Email Security Horror Stories and How to Put Them to Rest

Drew McCallum | October 2, 2014

Navigate the darkness of email security risks to keep your clients’ critical data supernaturally safe. Read about 3 email security horror stories and get tips to avoid these petrifying problems in your IT business. Read More

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