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A Proven Approach to Convert Your Break-Fix Clients to Managed Services

Kevin Gibson | September 15, 2016

Get tips to demonstrate to legacy break-fix customers and new prospects how effectively you can keep their IT network running at peak efficiency for just a little more than they’re already paying. Read More

Metrics That Boost Your Sales

Adam Slutskin | March 24, 2016

Are you measuring what matters? Discover the key metrics that can help you manage, track, and improve your sales success. Read More

You Win Some, You Lose Some: Learning from Win/Loss

John Timko | February 25, 2016

Your sales team wins and loses deals every day. But how often do you stop and really look at those deals? Making sense of deals won and lost happens best through a win/loss analysis. Read More

3 Ways to Show Your Clients You’re Thankful

Adam Slutskin | February 9, 2016

Handwritten notes, special planned outings, quality time…These aren’t just things you should do for your significant other. They’re ways you can build a lasting relationship with your clients. Read More

Brace Yourself: Millennials are Coming

John Timko | January 21, 2016

They’re young, tech-savvy, ambitious, and by 2020 they’ll be 50% of the US workforce. Millennials are ready to take on new challenges. Are you ready to sell them the tools they’ll need to succeed? Read More

Outbound Sales Calls: The Secret to Success

Adam Slutskin | December 15, 2015

Long-term client satisfaction is all about having the right conversations at the right times. Make sure you’re keeping your outbound sales on point with these best practices for sales success. Read More

4 Strategies for More Effective Sales Calls

Adam Slutskin | October 6, 2015

When your sales team has the information they need, success comes more easily. Help them prepare for better sales with these 4 tips for making faster connections with prospects. Read More

4 Responses to Prospects Who Say “This Isn’t a Good Time”

Adam Slutskin | September 24, 2015

Even seasoned sales professionals reach the end of a sale only to hear “now isn’t a good time.” The process grinds to a halt. Or does it? With these 4 questions, you’ll reach the heart of your prospect’s hesita Read More

Training Your Team for Life as an MSP

Josh Preston | July 14, 2015

You’re ready to transition from break-fix to managed services, but is your sales team primed for the shift? We’re sharing tips to make sure your reps are ready to drive your success as an MSP. Read More

Live or Die by Your Discovery

Adam Slutskin | March 26, 2015

Knowing what your prospective clients need can seem like a mystery. Learn how to read the clues and present your findings to win the case. Read More

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