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July 19, 2016

Cloudify File Servers, and Increase Office365 Profits with CentreStack

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CentreStack File Sync and Share

At Gladinet, we’ve spent the last few years developing CentreStack, a product that combines the security, compliance, and control of on-premise file servers, with the convenience of anywhere access with any device. We call this managed file sync and share.

We’ve also been working closely with ConnectWise Inc. to create powerful integrations with the RMM and PSA components of their business suite: LabTech and ConnectWise®. In fact, we already have a LabTech integration, and plan to introduce our ConnectWise integration in the next few weeks.

Why is this integration exciting? Because it promises to provide all the management capabilities of CentreStack, while improving the document management interfaces in ConnectWise. That’s a big deal!

We invite you to learn more by attending our webinar on July 28 at 12 p.m. EDT. We’ll demo this integration, and discuss in detail all of the benefits of CentreStack. Plus, we’ll cover the opportunity it offers to increase your profits from Office365 deployments that often include 1TB of free OneDrive storage, but don’t offer centralized folder management, or scalable sync performance.

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CentreStack addresses these issues, and more, with technologies like On-Demand Synchronization, and centralized folder management based on traditional NTFS controls.

According to IDC, business file sync and share is one of the most popular cloud services with SMB-sized customers. However, it’s often the cause of Shadow IT–related problems, and unsanctioned company data access, as much as it is viewed by line of business as a productivity enabler.

As a result, we see business customers partitioning themselves into two groups:

The first group sticks with their existing file servers to avoid the potential risks associated with cloud migration, like loss of security, compliance, or control.

The second group is willing to embrace the convenience and productivity gains promised by business file sync and share services, despite these potential risks.

CentreStack addresses the needs of both groups by approaching business file sync and share as the cloudification of existing file servers in one of two primary ways:

  • An existing file server will be presented as cloud storage to remote users, without the involvement of third party clouds or VPNs
  • The data and security settings on the file server will be migrated to the cloud.

In either case, you end up with all the features you need for secure, compliant, controlled file sync and share, without sacrificing usability or performance.

Essentially, it’s a managed file sync and share platform that satisfies the secure access and sharing needs of the modern mobile workforce, while maintaining the control, security, scalability, and performance that businesses are used to with their traditional on-premise Windows file sharing platforms.

The net result is a smooth transition to the cloud, without the need to retrain users and administrators. Can’t make the webinar? No problem! Continue the conversation with your designated ConnectWise account manager or go to www.labtechsoftware.com/centrestack for more information.

Have Hesitant Cloud Service Clients?

Powerful integration makes file server cloudification easy! Join the webinar to learn how.

Guest Author
LabTech Software Blog

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Have Hesitant Cloud Service Clients?

Powerful integration makes file server cloudification easy! Join the webinar to learn how.