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August 27, 2015

Debunked: The Top 3 RMM Myths

Kevin Gibson
Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.
Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Myths

Myth 1: “You only have to get what you need today.”

At some point, we’ve all heard this minimalist piece of advice. And while it might be very applicable if you’re outfitting a tiny house, it won’t help you build a scalable and profitable business.

Just getting the basic, barebones tools your business needs to operate is a mistake—unless you have no aspirations to grow beyond your current offerings and size. If you’re set on growth, you’re going to need a platform that will grow with you.

Trust me, when you’re in the midst of managing explosive growth, that last thing you’ll want to tackle is a giant platform migration.

Growth, while invigorating, is stressful, and chances are your awesome team will already be spread pretty thin. A big, unexpected platform migration could be just enough to push some of your best talent to look elsewhere for employment.

Instead, plan ahead. At least 3 years ahead, 5 is better. What are you hoping to accomplish? How many end points do you want to be supporting? What tools/additional resources will you need to achieve those goals? Do your current tools offer the features/scalability you’ll need to meet your expansion goals?

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Myth 2: “You can never have too many solutions.”

Another challenge MSPs face is the ‘too many solutions’ problem. This occurs when, over time, tons of different solutions are added to meet various niche needs, and your team ends up using 10+ tools that could all be found in one, unified platform—like LabTech.

By opting to use so many tools (instead of one platform), you’re losing efficiency. 10 tools. 10 different logins. Little to no integration. It’s a nightmare. And switching to a new a platform is painful.

If, instead, you plan ahead, predicting which solutions you’ll need and investing in a platform that will allow you to purchase/plug in more advanced features when you’re ready, you’ll create a better user experience for your technicians—and a speedier service experience for your clients, too.

Myth 3: “RMMs are for bigger companies.”

Regardless of your size, offerings, or stage in the IT business lifecycle, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform can help you do more with what you already have. By using such a solution to automate repeatable, routine tasks, you can free yourself (and your team) to spend more time on big-picture projects.

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways partners in each stage of the IT business lifecycle use LabTech to gain efficiency:

  1. Break-Fix. Asset management, behind-the-scenes support and remote management
  2. Reactive. Basic PSA integration, help desk/ticketing, monitoring and alerting and patch management
  3. Proactive Managed Services. Automation and scripting, backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, managed security and standard PSA integration
  4. Virtual CIO. Open APIs and SDKs, expertise on demand (trusted advisor), full customization, hardware provisioning and partner-driven innovation

Now that we’ve busted the top 3 RMM myths, it’s time to reconsider adding such a solution to your arsenal of business tools. By consolidating most of the tools you need to run your business into one, unified platform, you’ll help you team save time, find information faster and deliver a great customer service experience.

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Kevin Gibson Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.

Kevin is an avid racer whose need for speed carries over into his role at LabTech Software. As co-creator of LabTech Ignite®, he’s always thinking of ways LabTech can work faster, so you don’t have to.


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