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March 10, 2016

Diversify Your Business and Marketing Toolbox with These Books

John Timko
Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.
Top 5 Books to Diversify Business & Marketing Skills

Here at ConnectWise, we are passionate about learning constantly and broadening our horizons. These are books we are reading now and would recommend to anyone looking to sharpen their business and marketing skills:

1. Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah – This book uses an evidence-based strategy, helping companies to adapt their marketing strategy to the changing behaviors of consumers. Outbound marketing turns prospects off. Few people enjoy receiving cold calls, junk mail, and spam. It’s annoying and interruptive, two adjectives you don’t want your company to be associated with.

To cultivate positive relationships with prospects, leads, and clients, heed the advice of these experienced authors by ramping up your inbound marketing strategy. This interesting and succinct read will teach you how to be appealing, how to be relevant, and how to “get found” by future and current clients.

Case Study - Lessons From the GreatsBest Practices in Business Dexterity

2. Great By Choice by Jim Collins – Collins and Hansen studied companies that dominated the market during difficult economic times. This book strives to pinpoint the qualities that allowed such success, and gives perspective on building a company to withstand turbulence in the most trying times.

Empirical historical analysis coupled with engaging stories make this a valuable and enjoyable read – a must for aspiring business owners, no matter what the market environment. After all, no one can predict the future, and to gain the knowledge of the greats on prevailing through most anything can only be worthwhile.

3. Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qaqish – Qaqish parallels innovative strategy with the creation of clear and scalable goals within a new marketing paradigm called Revenue Marketing.

Aimed at providing guidelines for marketing executives in driving revenue through marketing, you will explore essential keys to creating and executing an effective, revenue-focused marketing plan. Sprinkled with insights and personal lessons of experienced executives in the field, this book is a great read with a wealth of knowledge.

4. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek – Learn from impactful and inspirational leaders on gaining the loyalty and dedication of your most important assets – your employees. To trust your employees, to put them first, and to value them is a powerful incentive in building a remarkable community within your organization.

Employees who love their work and feel valued by their leaders, become a cohesive team, passionate about one common goal – the success of their company. This book is an incredible and invaluable read on leadership.

5. Start with Why by Simon Sinek – Sinek challenges you to get in touch with your purpose, your reason for being as a company. Consumers buy so much more than a product or service when choosing a company. Identify your purpose, your why, and passionately embody it throughout your organization.

There will always be other products, services, and jobs provided by your competition, but the inspiring ideology of your company will attract loyal customers and employees who will want to stay with you through the long haul.

A diverse, empirical, and well-informed collection, we carefully chose these books to arm you with the skills needed to fuel growth and resiliency within your organization. You too, can be a role model for aspiring companies to come! Speaking of great stories, check out our partner case studies.

Gain Innovative Expertise in Business

Here are recommended resources for gaining revolutionary business and marketing prowess.

John Timko Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, John knows the importance of playing for the name on the front of the shirt instead of the back, so he’s always looking out for what’s best for LabTech partners.


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Gain Innovative Expertise in Business

Here are recommended resources for gaining revolutionary business and marketing prowess.