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February 24, 2015

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Website Design

John Timko
Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.
How to Create Engaging Website Design for Lead Generation

Too crowded? Lots of moving parts? An out-of-date look? It all matters when I’m looking at a company’s website, and deciding where to spend my money. Your clients are no different. According to Ironpaper, 94% of website visitors listed design as a reason for dismissing a website. Don’t let bad website design diminish everything your business has to offer.

They Have Questions; Make Sure You Have Answers

Visitors come to your website looking for answers—to their business problems, financial concerns or any number of other pain points—and you’re only going to keep them engaged if they can find the right answers quickly.

Here’s some dos and don’ts for engaging website design that will ensure your website visitors find exactly what they’re looking for:

  1. DO use adaptive design. Your site visitors are coming to you from smartphones, desktops and tablets. Make sure your design is optimized to look its best, no matter how it’s being accessed.
  2. DO make it compelling. The right design can make a visitor stop and pay attention. Wake them up with clean designs that make the character of your business immediately apparent.
  3. DON’T overload your site. Design your site to present content in bits and pieces. Give your readers time to digest without overwhelming them with everything at once.
  4. DO relinquish control. Your website is here to meet a need. Make sure your design gives users the freedom to get to what they’re looking for without being herded into your idea of the right path.
  5. DON’T lose sight of what matters most. What is the one thing you want everyone to come away with? Answer that question, and put your specific call to action (CTA) right at the top. Every part of your design either supports or blocks the user in getting to that CTA, so don’t clutter the message.

The way your website looks can make or break a sale. Following these simple suggestions will keep you from undermining your value proposition with bad website design.

From Forbes, “If good design is doing its job, it is managing your perception of an experience in many ways—both obvious and not so obvious. How you feel, and therefore whether you’re going to engage and buy, is directly influenced by the design of a website.”

Ready for more? In my next post, I’ll cover the power of great content with tips and tricks for making your website copy convert potential buyers into long-term clients.

John Timko Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, John knows the importance of playing for the name on the front of the shirt instead of the back, so he’s always looking out for what’s best for LabTech partners.


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