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December 12, 2014

How to Find Stand-Out Clients

Kevin Gibson
Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.

There are a million potential clients out there, so why not chase after every one of them? More clients equal more revenue, so the more the merrier, right? Well, not exactly. Just like you look for the right employees to fit your business, you should also look for the ideal fit in your client base.

Not everyone needs the services you provide. Some won’t be able to afford you and others may just be too tough to work with. The trick is to quickly assess potential clients and sort out the right ones before contracts are signed.

After you have a clear picture of your ideal client, you’ll have an easy way to quickly spot the best fits. The first step is to outline your minimum requirements. Detail red flags and positive attributes so you’ll be able to quickly sort the good from the bad.

Here are some things to look out for in your quest towards business nirvana:

Avoid Bad Vibes

  • The cost of support is an annoyance: When potential clients see paying you as a necessary evil, they won’t understand the true value of the work you do. You want clients who understand that the cost of IT support is a worthwhile investment.
  • Managed service providers (MSPs) come and go: If a prospect has a history of hiring and firing MSPs, you can’t expect something different to happen to you. Look for clients who know the value of long-term business relationships.
  • Staff turnover is high: When staff is constantly jumping ship, it’s a tell-tale sign that there is a problem with the company culture or business model. Aim for clients who have a loyal staff ready to work for the best interests of their company.

Seek Great Energy

  • You’ve got the information you need: The right client will make sure you’ve got the discovery information you need prior to formalizing a service agreement. You should be provided full transparency into their business with shared administrative credentials, systems access and access to key decision makers.
  • They agree to your minimum standards: Clients who see the value of your service will readily invest in bringing their existing IT infrastructure up to your minimum standards.
  • There’s a budget in place: The right client has a clearly defined IT budget or, at the very least, is ready and willing to create one. When a client can commit to an IT budget, it means they’re focused on making your services a priority now and into the future.

Once you’ve established what you’re looking for in a client, don’t veer from the plan. If you stick to your minimum expectations, you can avoid taking on clients who will cost you more time and money than they’re worth.

Choose clients who’ll be best served by your particular expertise. The right clients will support your success and allow you to build satisfying business relationships that benefit you both. You’ll gain a reputation for stellar service, selectively grow your client base and see profits rise as a result.

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Kevin Gibson Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.

Kevin is an avid racer whose need for speed carries over into his role at LabTech Software. As co-creator of LabTech Ignite®, he’s always thinking of ways LabTech can work faster, so you don’t have to.


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