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May 12, 2015

When a Great RMM Meets the Right PSA, Everyone Wins

Vernon Southmayd
Senior Product Manager & Evangelist
ConnectWise, Inc.

Managing your IT service business can be a lot to handle, and your success depends on tools that make your job easier. We’ve touched on how a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution can drive recurring revenue, but finding an RMM that can easily integrate with your professional services automation (PSA) tool can deliver unprecedented benefits.

LabTech’s integration with ConnectWise via the ConnectWise Plug-in is the deepest professional RMM and PSA integration available on the market today. The seamless continuity between the two applications allows our partners to achieve greater operational efficiency, faster service delivery, billing proficiency and tons of time savings.

Looking for the same benefits and more? Read on for tips on how finding the right integration will transform your IT services business.

When searching for RMM and PSA solutions, make sure a seamless integration between the two delivers the following benefits:

Improved Ticket Management
An end-to-end unified solution means no more tickets buried in the system. Look for features like ticket categories that allow you to map ticket types and determine priorities. Find an RMM/PSA integration that reduces the load on your help desk by automatically routing every ticket to the correct board, cutting down on resolution time by getting issues to the right place faster.

More Billable Time
A tight integration between your RMM and PSA allows you to add time to a ticket while working on a system. You won’t have to flip back and forth between your RMM and PSA by using scripts to track your run time and automatically update based on use.

Happier Clients
Integrating your PSA and RMM enables you to respond more quickly to client needs, as well as capture and store information to uncover root causes of problems, predict new problems before they occur and simplify troubleshooting for your technicians. You’ll be prepared to offer better customer service with faster response times and you’ll be able to manage more work without adding resources.

Combining the business management tools of a powerful PSA tool with the proactive monitoring capabilities of your RMM platform eliminates delays and inefficiencies and replaces them with seamless continuity. Look for solutions like LabTech that combines the power of a PSA like ConnectWise to better operate, or more effectively run, your IT services business.

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Vernon Southmayd Senior Product Manager & Evangelist
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a former luger, where races are measured to the thousandth of a second, Vernon learned the importance of finding the most repeatable, efficient way to do things.


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