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February 10, 2015

The IT Guide to Business Success

Ron Williams
Business Success Strategist
ConnectWise, Inc.
IT Guide to Business

Desktop maintenance, check. Server updates, check. Backups scheduled, check.

In our world of IT service delivery these things are easily accomplished. It’s what we do. We fix technology!

But in order to fix IT, we have to have a client base with IT problems. In order to get those clients, we need solid business best practices. How do we obtain those best practices? By becoming a chameleon in the ever-changing landscape that is this IT space.

I started out as a managed service provider (MSP), so I know what it’s like. I got into the game because I was a fantastic technician and service provider. However, keeping everything running smoothly while I juggled the financial, human resources, and business concerns of a growing company was a huge challenge. I’ve tried, failed, and kept trying until I got it right.

I’ve learned a lot along the way that you can use as you grow your own IT services business. Here are 5 tips to put your business on the path to success:

Don’t be a stranger. Make sure you’re making a real connection with your clients. You want to be the expert in your field, and you won’t get there unless you have an intimate understanding of your clients—how they work, what they need, and how you can help.

Tighten the reins. In order to provide the best possible service, you want to know that you have full visibility into your clients’ systems. The key here is integration—when your systems are all aligned, information and communication flow smoothly. Business happens faster and with fewer mistakes.

Stay flexible. Businesses can be unpredictable. No matter how locked down your business plan is, you’re likely to run into a few surprises along the way. Make sure you’ve got the tools and people in place to react quickly and resolve issues without delay. Look at what can be automated to allow you to move from reactive to proactive service delivery.

Get moving. Gathering the right data is a business necessity. While you might be keeping your eye on industry trends, if you aren’t acting on what you’ve learned, you’re going to miss out. Consider a framework like ITIL® to help you proactively respond to market changes and changes in client business needs.

Be everywhere. In today’s market, you can’t afford to overlook the almighty mobile device. Today’s workforce needs constant connectivity on-the-go, and your clients are no different. You need to be sure that you can offer your clients the flexibility they crave, while at the same time providing proper protection from impending mobile security risks.

With the right goals and the determination to see them through, your success is just a step away. Need a little more guidance? My next post will cover onboarding tips and best practices. If you’re interested, subscribe above and get updates when new articles are posted.

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Ron Williams Business Success Strategist
ConnectWise, Inc.
In his role as Business Success Strategist, Ron is responsible for sharing his knowledge of the IT services industry with other IT service providers to help them expand their businesses and achieve success.


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