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November 19, 2015

Kill the Chaos in Your IT Department With a Ticketing System

Kevin Gibson
Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.
Improve IT Department with Ticketing System

Picture this:

It’s Monday, and you’re heading to work. You had a relaxing weekend, and you’re feeling ready to tackle the day (with coffee in hand, of course!).

But, as you walk through the front door at work, something troubling is brought to your attention…the IT department is in total chaos.

Not only have they overlooked several service requests – they’re also dealing with multiple miscommunications in the department, and no one has the data they need to complete their tasks efficiently. Everything is siloed into disconnected places, and communication just isn’t happening.

…Tough start to your day, right?

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If this situation sounds all too familiar, your IT department might be suffering from the Silos of Chaos that arise with the lack of an effective ticketing system. Let’s talk about this in a bit more depth by exploring the reasons why you need a ticketing system in your IT department:

Tracking and Accountability

How can you expect your IT team to work productively when every note they save, email, or receive could be accidentally overlooked, forgotten, or misplaced?

It’s simple: you can’t.

Without the tracking that comes with an IT ticketing system, simple human error can seriously throw a wrench into your whole operation. This happens when things inevitably become disorganized and mistakes go without correction or explanation. Not only does this lead to service requests being overlooked – it encourages finger-pointing, which slows productivity and lowers the morale of your team.

This finger-pointing happens because, without tickets, you can’t effectively hold your IT employees accountable for their actions. Information isn’t entered properly, hand-offs aren’t smooth, and double entry happens more often than not. Your IT department could be losing time and money.

On the other hand, when you do use a ticketing system, you can see exactly where mistakes are made and understand why they happened. From there, you can offer additional coaching or training to the employees who need it.

Plus, tickets allow you to track employee productivity, the status of customer issues, and more. By doing so, you help prevent important customer requests from slipping through the cracks, resulting in a better customer experience and higher overall morale in the IT department.


Imagine you’re working in the IT department, and you’ve got a complex customer issue on your hands. You aren’t quite sure how to determine the root cause. What’s your next move?

Without a ticketing system, you’d have to dig around in your email inbox and elsewhere for the data you need – a process that could take hours. Or you could spend forever trying to implement complex integrations that might help. That’s a lot of time to waste on something that shouldn’t be so difficult!

Chances are, your IT team faces this issue often, but a ticketing system can fix it by allowing them to immediately access data relevant to the customer issues they’re dealing with. That’s because it serves as a centralized source of information, empowering everyone in the IT department to work more productively and provide better customer care by solving problems much faster. It allows information to flow seamlessly through all stages of IT support.

If you’re interested in improving the way your IT department works, consider how the power of the ConnectWise® Business Suite™ can deliver all of the benefits we’ve mentioned here while eliminating the Silos of Chaos that are created when your business solutions aren’t seamlessly connected.

So, what are you waiting for? Take steps to improve your IT department with a ticketing system today!

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Kevin Gibson Director, Transformational Services
ConnectWise, Inc.

Kevin is an avid racer whose need for speed carries over into his role at LabTech Software. As co-creator of LabTech Ignite®, he’s always thinking of ways LabTech can work faster, so you don’t have to.


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