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October 7, 2014

3 Secrets for Migrating Clients to Managed Antivirus

Drew McCallum
Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.
How to Migrate Clients to Managed Antivirus Services

Standardization is more than just an industry best practice. It’s also the key to maximizing efficiency, increasing client satisfaction and growing your bottom line. The catch? Your clients don’t know what they don’t know. Selling a client on your entire service offering when they’re already comfortable with their existing tools can be an uphill battle.

A common source of struggle when it comes to achieving standardization is with antivirus software. Most MSPs would like to include AV in their managed service contract, but they often experience push back from clients who cling to their existing solution. Here are some of the ways I’ve learned to overcome this challenge.

Better, Faster Service

Selling your clients on the benefits of using your integrated solution versus the one they’re already familiar with isn’t always easy. Start by explaining that you can offer better, faster service when you’re supporting an integrated solution across your clients. You won’t have to manage or train your technicians on multiple solutions, so they’ll become experts in the software you offer. With a single antivirus solution, you’ll be able to automate basic tasks and updates, so your clients can expect consistent and timely results.

Incorporating Cost

Overcome cost concerns by building the AV cost into the price of your full service offering. It’s much easier to sell your clients on an integrated AV solution when you present it as a free service that comes with their managed services plan. Even better, when the AV solution is incorporated in your offering, there’s no line item for clients to latch onto as an extra cost. In fact, a lot of MSPs have started adding line items for the support of solutions that fall outside of their standards. This extra charge forces clients to really consider whether their current solution is worth the added cost.

Force the Issue

The key to moving clients onto your managed antivirus solution is to set client expectations up front. Be clear that clients have to subscribe to your service model or you won’t be their managed service provider. Make sure the CEO, IT manager or whoever is signing the contract understands that you can meet their SLA only if their IT network meets your standards.

The Benefits

Offering AV as a SaaS model to your clients will help you achieve stickiness. You own the antivirus, so it becomes more difficult for your clients to leave. This level of stickiness is a necessary ingredient in becoming a trusted advisor for your clients. Over time you will become their go-to industry expert which will aid in the development of long-term loyalty and inspire future growth.

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Drew McCallum Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.

As co-founder of his own managed services business, Drew truly understands the day-to-day challenges of building an IT services business from the ground up.


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