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June 14, 2016

How Acronis and LabTech Protect Data in the Cloud

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Cloud Backup and Protection

According to IDC, nearly half of all small and medium businesses acknowledge not having sufficient backup or disaster recovery service.  FEMA tells us that 40% of all businesses who have a complete data loss never open their doors again. 

Given the relation of these two statistics, there has to be a compelling reason that businesses fail to implement even basic backup in the face of near certain catastrophe for some.

Customers who have been asked rarely report price as being the primary reason they do not adopt a backup solution.  Instead, most simply haven’t prioritized backup properly because they think implementation is too difficult.

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This technical barrier to adoption has been a central focus for Acronis for quite some time.

In fact, as we introduced our Acronis Backup Cloud almost two years ago, a central focus for the design team was to ensure that we tore down as many technical hurdles as possible.

We simplified the interface to make it easy to protect more data. We suppressed advanced features of our complete backup unless the customer specifically wants to use them.  In as few as four clicks, an average business can start protecting data and keep their business safe.

In this time, we also worked closely with service providers to see how we could bring control to the process through their existing systems. These efforts produced integrations to billing, provisioning, and control systems so that customers could seamlessly be moved into cloud services with a minimum of fuss.

With these integration tools in place, technology service providers (TSPs) have more control than ever before over their data protection business.

We have been working with LabTech® and ConnectWise® to create powerful integrations for their products. In fact, we plan to introduce our LabTech integration beta program over the next few weeks and we will be signing up beta partners at the 2016 Automation Nation conference in Orlando, Fla.

The integration between LabTech and Acronis promises to help our mutual customers provision, monitor, and manage their customers’ access to our powerful cloud backup solutions.

Integration of the Acronis Cloud with ConnectWise will follow soon after.  This integration of products will link alerts, connect support tickets, and help manage business integrations.

If you will be at the Automation Nation conference this year, then we look forward to demoing this integration to you at our booth and talking with you in person to discuss how we can help meet the needs of you and your customers.

If we don’t get a chance to see you at the conference, you can still visit us at www.Acronis.com to learn more about our data protection products and sign up online for a free trial of Acronis Backup Cloud.

Do You Have a Data Recovery Plan?

Forty percent of businesses that experience data loss never open their doors again.

Guest Author
LabTech Software Blog

LabTech works with a variety of IT industry experts to create thoughtful content around best practices and tips to help your business.

One thought on “How Acronis and LabTech Protect Data in the Cloud

  1. Garr says:

    Nice article. Data protection in cloud or our local computer, both are really essential. Do Acronis.com provides VPS data protection on Digital Ocean?

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Do You Have a Data Recovery Plan?

Forty percent of businesses that experience data loss never open their doors again.