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January 1, 2015

Top Trends for IT Business Success in 2015

Tony Thomas
Vice President, Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.
Top Trends for IT Business Success in 2015

We’re wrapping up 2014 and looking ahead to a year of possibilities, opportunities and incredible success. Here’s a look at the IT trends you’ll need to know in order to provide your clients with the IT services they expect in 2015.

#1: Security

According to Gartner, security will be a top focus in the New Year. The key for your IT services business is finding a balance between comprehensive protection and room for progress. Security can’t be so tight that it stifles productivity and creativity, but it must be strong enough to protect against breaches. To keep up with increasingly complex risks, look for multi-faceted security strategies that can easily grow alongside your client-base.

#2: User Centric Computing

The days of managing a single device per user are over. Clients today expect you to manage a collection of devices spread across multiple locations, along with a laundry list of applications and software. And of course, everything needs to sync and remain secure. User centric computing will require a shift in IT service delivery. In 2015, evaluate your IT service plan and determine if a shift to focus on the user instead of the device would be beneficial to your business and clients.

#3: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will stay at the forefront of IT services in 2015. Digital business processes and products will be tuned in to this intersection of user, device and software. It’s estimated that more than 4.9 billion devices will be locked on to the Internet of Things in 2015. IT service providers should be on the lookout for innovative ways to incorporate IoT and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

#4: Virtualization

Virtualization allows multiple operating systems and applications to run on one physical piece of hardware, eliminating the need to deploy a separate server for different operating systems. As a result, fewer servers are needed in your client environments. With typical server utilization rates hovering between 5 and 15%, virtualization is a great way to achieve cost savings and improve resource utilization.

#5: Compliance

Compliance is tricky even during the best of times. It’s a fast-changing issue with specific requirements for each industry. Meeting the requirements of multiple regulations and standards will take a working knowledge of the regulations that directly impact your clients. Do your research and uncover ways you can help your clients achieve compliance and keep their vital information protected. Client stickiness is never guaranteed, but if you’re able to help your clients better understand what they need to do from an IT perspective to meet compliance requirements, the opportunity for long-term client retention becomes much greater.

We’re as excited about you are about these new opportunities. So what’s our plan for the year? We’ll be bringing you the information you need to stay on top of these trends and keep you up-to-date as new trends emerge.

Tony Thomas Vice President, Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.

Tony is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, so he’s always searching for new ways LabTech can help unlock innovation and potential in your IT business.


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