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April 19, 2016

What TSPs Really Need and Want from an Endpoint Security Vendor

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LabTech Software Blog
What TSPs Really Need from an Endpoint Security Vendor

Savvy TSPs know that selecting the wrong endpoint security solution can cause significant problems for themselves and their clients.

Of course, the most obvious consequence of an ill-chosen AV product is greater vulnerability to infection. But there are other maladies that can befall TSPs who attempt to combat the staggering volume, velocity, and variety of today’s sophisticated cyber-threats with yesterday’s signature-based endpoint security solutions.

Labor-intensive deployments. Cumbersome and inefficient management tools. The need for more infrastructure investment. Customer frustration with reduced system performance. Combine all of that with time-consuming remediation that frequent infections bring with them, and you’re destined to foster client dissatisfaction and undermine your bottom line.

Fortunately, Webroot has a better way and we’re eager to tell you about it! We invite you to learn more about our next-generation endpoint security solutions by visiting our booth at the upcoming Automation Nation conference in Orlando, Florida on June 20-22.

In addition to having Webroot team members on hand to answer your questions, we’ll also be conducting a breakout session that explains how our cloud-based threat intelligence platform blends unrivaled protection with TSP-centric management tools to save you time and boost your profits.

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But if you can’t make the speaking breakout session at the show, or would just like a short preview of the reasons why so many TSPs are choosing Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection solutions, we’ve put together this summary to show how Webroot delivers what TSPs want and need from an endpoint security vendor.

Security Without Compromise

Naturally, an TSP’s single highest priority when evaluating any endpoint security solution is the ability to keep its clients protected.

Webroot solutions are always connected to an immense cloud-based signature database of malware threats called the Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform. Far more comprehensive, detailed and effective than any AV client-contained signature database could ever be, the Threat Intelligence Platform also enables the use of a lightweight client because there’s no signature database stored within the client software.

And that’s only one of the reasons Webroot delivers much greater protection from viruses and malware than conventionally-architected competitors. Using cloud predictive intelligence, it monitors the behaviors of applications and executables running on an end user’s system.

Should the Webroot client identify suspicious behavior, it immediately queries the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform to see if this suspicious behavior has been observed before. Because every Webroot client around the world is continuously connected to the Threat Intelligence Platform, new info on emerging threats is constantly added.

Ease of Deployment

Webroot’s Threat Intelligence Platform approach combines installation completed in just seconds, with faster scanning. The first scan takes only minutes. compared with the hours other AV solutions require, and Webroot’s subsequent full system scans typically take two minutes or less.

For continuous client protection, Webroot solutions can be installed over existing AV solutions, which can then be removed later. In this way, an TSP can ensure there’s no period of time in which a machine might be exposed to infection.

Remote Control Management

Once deployed, Webroot endpoint solutions can be easily managed via a Web-based console that’s accessible using any popular browser (like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). TSPs can log into this portal from any location, and see their entire IT environment.

An TSP with many clients and a multitude of endpoints, even if they are spread across the globe, can still conveniently access them all through this single portal.

Customer Satisfaction

From the end user’s perspective, the most immediate benefit of cloud-based protection is the remarkable increase in system performance. Placing far less burden on a protected device’s CPU than archaic AV solutions, Webroot’s background activity is virtually invisible to end users.

The result? Greater customer satisfaction, and with it, the long-term patronage that gives you predictable recurring revenue.

What Sets Webroot Apart:

  • Small, <1MB client boosts endpoint device performance
  • Improved customer productivity and uptime builds loyalty
  • Installs in less than 6 seconds, saves TSP technician time
  • Scans in less than 2 minutes, enables fast protection
  • Automated endpoint agent updates
  • No agent definitions to manage
  • Easy migration, works alongside other AV agents to ease transition
  • 100% cloud-based management console and infrastructure
  • Highly effective against zero-day threats
  • Global support and remediation
  • Exclusive access to training and resources

Bottom line: Webroot significantly reduces the amount of time you must devote to AV-related tasks, thus driving down Webroot’s total cost of ownership (TCO), and boosting your profitability by freeing up your technicians for more lucrative work.

And because Webroot provides clients with unrivaled malware protection that imposes virtually no penalty on system performance, your clients’ satisfaction and loyalty—another key factor to your profitability—significantly grows.

But there’s much more to the Webroot story. Get the full scoop at Automation Nation this summer! Get the details.

Learn More at Automation Nation

Learn about cyber-security from the experts at Webroot this summer at Automation Nation.

Guest Author
LabTech Software Blog

LabTech works with a variety of IT industry experts to create thoughtful content around best practices and tips to help your business.

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Learn More at Automation Nation

Learn about cyber-security from the experts at Webroot this summer at Automation Nation.