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March 29, 2016

Win SMB Clients by Delivering Cybersecurity Services

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Let’s face it, people can sometimes be a bit reluctant to admit they need help. But according to the Webroot 2015 SMB Threat Report, many SMBs candidly acknowledge that they are in over their heads when it comes to endpoint security.

A large percentage of the SMBs surveyed for the report are essentially telling managed service providers: “Hey, we need your help with cybersecurity, and we’re ready to pay for it.” Because the MSP marketplace is so competitive, having the inside line on opportunities to win new business gives you a big leg.

You can check out the complete 2015 SMB Threat Report for yourself, but the key takeaways are:

SMBs are Swamped by Security Threats—and You’re Their Lifeboat

The majority of the SMB respondents (61%) admit they’re not confident about their ability to combat a cyberattack. The threat landscape is simply too complex and dynamic for SMBs to keep up. Less than a quarter of the respondents even have a dedicated in-house cybersecurity team or individual.

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So SMBs are hungry for your acknowledged security expertise, and providing it is a great way to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to clients. The credibility and loyalty you’ll gain will pay significant long-term dividends.

SMBs are Swamped in General—Security Services Are Your Ticket In

With so many SMBs devoting little time to endpoint protection (56% of the survey respondents reported they spent less than 17 hours total on cybersecurity in the past six months), you might suspect they’re too busy with other IT duties to comprehensively address security issues.

And you’d be right. A staggering 81% of respondents agreed that outsourcing cybersecurity to MSPs would improve their IT staff bandwidth, which indicates how thinly stretched they are. Offering them security services helps get your foot in the door, and it’s likely their overworked IT teams will gladly shift additional IT responsibilities to you as well.

SMBs are Prepared to Spend—Are You Ready to Earn Their Business?

Happily, the surveyed SMBs are overwhelmingly prepared to spend, with 81% of SMBs surveyed planning to increase their annual IT security budget by an average of 22% in 2016. So the money is ready, but are you?

The usual same old, same old just won’t cut it when you’re choosing an endpoint security solution for use in today’s increasingly toxic cyber-threat landscape.

A modern cloud-based solution delivers protection that traditional AV solutions can’t rival, and it can use a lightweight client because its massive signature database is in the cloud. The result is superior protection, quicker installation, faster scanning and easier management. That means less work for you, and happier clients.

Bottom Line: the Webroot 2015 SMB Threat Report survey proves that many SMBs know they’re not equipped to combat a cyberattack, and are ready to spend more on security. That creates a pool of potential clients that your MSP should consider pursuing!

*This post was contributed by Webroot, a cloud-driven security solutions provider.

Is Your MSP Offering Cybersecurity?

The Webroot 2015 SMB Threat Report proves SMBs want cybersecurity services from your MSP.

Guest Author
LabTech Software Blog

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Is Your MSP Offering Cybersecurity?

The Webroot 2015 SMB Threat Report proves SMBs want cybersecurity services from your MSP.