LabTech Global Client Management Platform


LabTech Software’s powerful global client management platform significantly transforms your IT department through the power of IT automation. LabTech can help you increase your IT department’s operational efficiencies and dramatically improve technician performance with increased visibility into critical data and enhanced manageability that leverages the power of IT automation.

Expand Your Desktop | LabTech

Expand Your Desktop and Server Management Tools

Powered by IT automation, LabTech empowers your IT operations team to provide support while improving efficiency. LabTech can perform any IT support management task or process that needs to be accomplished, efficiently and non-intrusively. Cutting-edge, native agent technology makes LabTech the most powerful, feature-rich and widely sought after client management software in the current IT market.

Our latest features deliver best-in-class remote control integration with ScreenConnect®. Leverage the power of the LabTech IT automation and the instant remote connectivity of ScreenConnect® to rapidly analyze systems, resolve problems and ultimately save time—through a single interface.

LabTech Remote Control Features

Remote Control

With ScreenConnect® integration, we provide you the capabilities to remotely oversee and manage select workstations and servers faster than ever. Instantly launch a ScreenConnect® remote control session from the LabTech Computer Management screen with a single click.


IT Asset Management

Minimize risks and costs associated from outdated or incomplete asset information. Know what you have, where it is and what state it’s in, so you can make informed purchasing decisions. Group by OS, application or location.

LabTech Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Deploy software and services to a single device, department, group of devices or multiple locations—without interrupting business or missing devices.

LabTech Features Cross Platform Capabilities

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Deploy Mac and Linux agents for onboarding, role-detection and critical service-level monitoring for servers.

LabTech Features Network Monitoring

Networking Monitoring

Discover, manage and control mission-critical devices in your internal infrastructure through powerful monitors and corrective action/scripts that allow you to identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your organization.

LabTech Features Patch Management

Patch Management

Identify, approve, update or ignore patches and hotfixes for one or multiple devices. A workflow-based interface allows for smooth and intuitive navigation.

MultiVendor Backup Management | LabTech Software

Multivendor Backup Management

Gain visibility into your entire data protection and disaster recovery (DR) environment with LabTech’s multivendor backup management. Manage backup status in real time, perform on-demand actions to create, edit, start or cancel backup jobs, and more.

MultiVendor AntiVirus Management | LabTech

Multivendor Antivirus Management

Manage multiple antivirus vendors across your organization for added control and visibility. Save time and automate your security configurations with centrally managed policies.

LabTech Features Natural Language Scripting

Natural Language Scripting

Create and deploy custom scripts to conquer IT complexity and automate repetitive and mundane tasks. Native PowerShell® scripting integration enables technicians to write robust scripts that automate essential business tasks.

Technician Web Control Center | LabTech Software

Technician Web Control Center

Easily manage service tickets and access internal employees’ computers 24/7—from any location and Web browser.

LabTech Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Provide remote support with LabTech Mobile app, available for Android and Apple iOS platform devices.

LabTech Features Help Desk Ticketing

Help Desk Ticketing

Prioritize help desk requests for quick and efficient remote support to any user within Windows, Linux or Mac LAN and Web-based environments.

Complete Visibility and Control | LabTech

Complete Visibility and Control

Designed with cutting-edge agent technology, the LabTech global client management platform will greatly increase your operational efficiency and considerably improve resource utilization. With LabTech, you can eliminate time-intensive, repetitive maintenance tasks and assign your technical resources to higher-priority jobs.

Expand Visibility | LabTech Software

Expand Visibility

Our enhanced control center user interface (UI) delivers easier and quicker feature detection. Accordion-style navigation allows for improved organization around service activities.

LabTech Improve Service Time

Improve Service Time

Unparalleled performance speed coupled with on-demand tunnel vision streamlines and improves technician response time and significantly reduces labor hours while also increasing output.

LabTech Maximize Technician Utilization

Maximize Technician Utilization

LabTech’s powerful automation and remote management capabilities enable you to maximize resource utilization. Automate repetitive tasks and assign resources to higher revenue-generating projects.

Silent IT Services | LabTech

Silent IT Services

Perform non-intrusive, seamless maintenance and support services without interrupting your employees' productivity.

Do More With Less | LabTech

Do More With Less

LabTech’s increased command processing speed, centralized dashboards and refined reporting allow you to accomplish more IT tasks without additional technical resources.

LabTech Potential Risk Analysis

Potential-Risk Analysis

Obtain complete visibility into your operations, highlight potential issues and provide decision-making tools through customized reporting.

Granular Reporting | LabTech Software

Granular Reporting

LabTech provides granular reporting, equipping C-Level executives with the tools to clearly see and understand where IT resources are going. With it, executives and department heads can see where IT resources are being used.

LabTech Scalable


LabTech Software is determined to retain affordable and convenient pricing and sells only the agents you need, when you need them. Easily add agents as your company grows.

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