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User Centric Computing

Today’s IT landscape is more dynamic than ever. The average number of devices per user is increasing and users expect seamless service from anywhere at any time. This means you’re supporting a collection of devices across multiple locations with an expanding array of complex services. Most importantly, it means a mind shift in your business to focus on a managed user rather than on a device.

End User is King

Gone are the days of an end-user desktop being your biggest pain point. This is the modern world, where the end user is king, and the king expects to stay securely connected to his must-have devices, apps and services from any location, so he can enjoy the freedom that the modern world brings.

User Centric Computing | LabTech Software

Usher in a New Era

Managing these changes means redefining IT service, changing service levels and shifting billing practices. To keep users connected, bi-directional, quick-syncing IT services will be the ones to thrive in a new landscape marked by user focus, flexibility and security.

Usher In New Era | LabTech User Centric Computing

Innovative Active Directory Integration with LabTech 10

Embarking on a transition to user centric IT services begins with the transformation of a billing model that embraces the end user as a fully managed object. Managed services accounting, introduced in LabTech 10 with the new Active Directory plug-in, is the first step in embracing a per-user of hybrid billing approach by being able to import Active Directory users as LabTech contacts and tie them to your service plans.

User Centric Key Features

Key Features

User Management Through a Single-Pane-of-Glass
Reduce the tediousness and wasted time commonly associated with managing user access issues. Quickly service password reset requests and common lockout issues, and update user account information directly from LabTech.

Custom Synchronization
Use filters to bring only the Active Directory users you want to manage in LabTech.

Familiar User Interface
Enjoy the native feel of browsing organizational units and other security groups in a familiar user interface of Active Directory users and computers.

Single-Click Access
Open the infrastructure master with a single click to access the computer screen for the domain controller.

Managed Services Accounting
Easily keep counts of users and devices by tracking all managed services provided to clients, including managed service plans (24x7, 8x5), managed antivirus, managed backup and more.

Managed Services Catalog
Eliminate the need to manually update service level agreements when managed services are added. You can even push counts over to ConnectWise, which will auto-populate your agreements when mapped.