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The LabTech Visioneers

The LabTech Visioneers are dedicated to creating a future of elegant user interfaces (UI) and engaging user experiences (UX) that make our partners’ lives a little easier. Our UI/UX team is tasked with working directly with our partners to fully understand their needs and how LabTech fits into their daily lives.

Meet the Team

With backgrounds in graphic/interactive design and user research, the LabTech Visioneers create lifelines between our product and our partners. These methods of communication allow partners to provide feedback on how they use LabTech in their business so the product can be designed to fit their specific needs.

Patrick Lewis | LabTech Visioneers

Patrick Lewis

Patrick came from a background in graphic design and computer animation before specializing in UI/UX. His agency work has included clients such as BMW USA and Sears. In his role as Lead UI/UX Designer, he collects qualitative data by listening to users, which he believes is the key to designing elegant, engaging interfaces. His goal is to reimagine and redefine the LabTech experience with users in mind and set new standards for RMM solutions.

Natalie Kyle | LabTech Visioneers

Natalie Kyle

Natalie is a passionate designer whose focus is the visual design of our interfaces. In her role as a UI Designer, she is reshaping LabTech’s visual language, making it easier and quicker to comprehend the massive amounts of data that LabTech provides. She believes that by creating elegant interfaces that improve efficiency, she will have a positive impact on the daily lives of our partners.

John Thomas | LabTech Visioneers

John Thomas

John has spent years studying how users in different demographics interact with varying types of digital interfaces. In his role as a User Experience Analyst, he uses his past experiences to study and streamline the LabTech interface. He believes that by improving the user interface, partners will be further enabled for success.

Discover | LabTech Software


Our Discover phase entails gathering a wealth of information from a group of partners who are dedicated to influencing improvements in our product. These experiences, when forged together, guide us toward producing a compelling and seamless solution. If you are an active LabTech partner who is interested in being part of this initiative, email us at

The Five Experiences

We use several different methods when conducting our research, ranging from in-depth interviews to remote usability testing. Though these specific methods vary in the type of data they collect, they all keep the following five areas in mind when trying to capture the user experience of the product:

First Run Experience | LabTech Visioneers



A turnkey approach eliminates waste and provides instant gratification. Our intelligent first-run experience is designed to know and automatically resolve dependencies when installing components or solutions. We pledge to automate your way out of death-by-a-thousand-mouse-clicks.

Wizard Driven Experience | LabTech Visioneers



A guided approach to setup and configuration takes the guesswork out of everything. Our wizard-driven experience creates a predictable and unintimidating approach, calibrating the system by asking your input to drive desired results. We pledge to steer you to solutions instead of just expecting you to have the answers.

Just In Time Experience | LabTech Visioneers



Managing systems requires being effective as quickly as possible by having unified tools that you can trust. Our just-in-time experience includes mission-critical capabilities at the click of your mouse that give you control over issues and enable you to leverage advanced capabilities to solve for exceptions to the rules.

LabTech Visioneers Discover System Vitality Experience



Our system vitality experience focuses on out-of-the-box monitoring that tracks key system performance indicators and thresholds, and triggers self-healing options. We pledge to create a proactive monitoring engine that provides visibility into the true state of internal and external indicators, versatile alerting and trustworthy notification methods.

LabTech Visioneers Discover Actionable Metrics Experience



Our actionable metrics experience focuses on measuring the effectiveness of your services, driving informed decisions, helping your customers see value and facilitating prospecting activities. We pledge to create timesaving, NOC centric, schedulable, distributable and easy-to-understand client-focused business intelligence system solutions.

LabTech Visioneers Design Team


Our Design phase lets us work directly with partners to create a better product. During this phase, partners see the cycles of trial and error that we go through to get the product just right. We believe you shouldn’t have to work for the software; the software should work for you. This basic idea, known as The Transporter Theory, is our primary design concept.

The Starting Line

With a new philosophy to strive for and a formula to direct our efforts, our first target wasn’t difficult to choose. We’re reimagining the Computer Management experience. We first asked ourselves, “How do you visually consume data?”

New Type of Experience | LabTech Visioneers

A New Type of Experience

During partner interviews, we often heard that our Computer Management screen displayed too much data for partners to process efficiently. This feedback led us to ponder if we could present a broad overview of data points so users could choose what (and how much) they see.

Our solution? We’ve replaced all of the Computer Management tabs with tiles and organized the data in a way that is easier to understand. Customizable workspaces not only save our partners from having to filter and sort through large datasets, but also guide them to the more specific data required for informed decision making.

LabTech Visioneers design UI UX Overview Tiles

Expanded Overview Tiles

The expanded overview tile allows you to select specific data points for expanded information. In the pictured case to the left, clicking on the ‘5 Missing’ patches brings you directly to those 5 patches, so you can review and take immediate action.

Filter Tiles | LabTech Visioneers

Expanded Filter Tiles

Other data points are also present on the expanded tile as filters. In the pictured case on the left, selecting ‘Approved’ or ‘Failed’ presents you with only those specific patches.

New Tile Design | LabTech Visioneers

New Tile Design

Using the Transporter Theory concept, all of the Computer Management tabs have been replaced with tiles. This new design decreases unnecessary effort by bringing workspaces to you with only the accommodations you’ll need for a specific job.