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When it comes to selling and delivering your IT services, having control over your business is crucial to your success. ConnectWise is Professional Services Automation (PSA) software written by IT people who understand your business. Over 5,000 ConnectWise partners – people running companies just like yours – enjoy the increased control, heightened productivity and rising revenues provided by the integrated services available through ConnectWise. At last, having a true and total 360° view of your company's day-to-day workflows and results is possible.

ConnectWise is the leading business automation solution designed exclusively for IT solution providers, managed service providers (MSPs), technology consultants, integrators and developers. More than 65,000 professionals rely on ConnectWise to provide a 360° view of their organization and to create maximum efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

LabTech’s integration with ConnectWise via the ConnectWise
Plug-in is the deepest professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) integration available on the market today. The ConnectWise Plug-in allows for two-way synchronization of companies, clients, contacts, tickets, opportunities and device billing information, eliminating the overhead and delays associated with email processing of tickets between the two systems. Users experience seamless continuity between mission critical PSA and RMM applications to ensure productivity and worry-free automation.

Watch our video to learn about the ConnectWise Plug-in for LabTech or view the demo to see our industry-leading level of integration for yourself.

Watch Our ConnectWise Plug-in Video to Learn More

LabTech ConnectWise Plug-in

ConnectWise PSA

Enables you to organize your business around one system, enabling everyone in the business to connect and communicate through one unified and fully integrated operational platform.

ConnectWise Cloud

Gain the full functionality of ConnectWise PSA while losing the overhead and limitations of premise-based installations.

ConnectWise Chat

Complete your help desk and ticketing solution with integrated chat, clientless remote control and automatic ticket generation within ConnectWise PSA.

ConnectWise Mobile

Wherever you happen to be, ConnectWise Mobile is right there with you, ensuring that you stay in touch with your clients and your business.

Streamline IT

Collaborate with your client's IT team in ways that benefit you both.

ConnectWise Procurement

Manage the product lifecycle of your company as equipment, supplies and products move from purchasing to inventory to receiving and installation.

ConnectWise Network

Reach out to other partners and use the power of ConnectWise to transform these partners into an extension of your own company.

ConnectWise is the leading business automation solution designed exclusively for IT solution providers, managed service providers (MSPs), technology consultants, integrators and developers.

  • Increase profitability by automating common tasks.  ConnectWise also helps account for where money goes and exposes areas within the business where money is seeping away.
  • Leverage the business workflow power of the ConnectWise PSA and the visibility of the LabTech RMM platform to increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with the ConnectWise Plug-in.
  • ConnectWise frees you to focus your efforts on enhancing service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • ConnectWise Chat and Remote Control will help you maximize your ability to deliver exemplary support and enhance those valued client relationships.
  • Provide quick response time and faster turn-around times with the potent capabilities of ConnectWise Mobile.
  • Demonstrate your firm's technical proficiency and service excellence and use the StreamlineIT opportunity to sell to new types of clients.
  • With ConnectWise Procurement, you minimize fulfillment costs while also identifying any hidden costs within your procurement and inventory process.
  • Grow your business with confidence and expand your reach with ConnectWise Network.

PSA Integration - The Latest Innovation for Long-Term IT Business Growth

PSA Integration Webinar

LabTech Software has revolutionized the world of PSA and remote monitoring and management (RMM) integration. Watch our recorded webinar to see the deepest level of PSA/RMM integration available, find out what's coming next, and learn how you can easily leverage the business workflow of your PSA solution and the visibility of the LabTech RMM platform to improve your operational efficiency and revolutionize your IT services business.

What Our Partners Have to Say

We're proud to share with you a compilation of video testimonials produced with the enthusiastic participation of our LabTech partners. Take a few minutes to listen to their stories and learn about their experiences with LabTech.

"The most tightly connected platforms I’ve seen in the industry."

George Bardissi │ Bardissi Enterprises