Gladinet Inc. is a Florida-based company founded in 2008 that provides cloud computing software. The company’s flagship product, CentreStack, is used by MSPs across the world to create fully branded ‘Dropbox-alternative’ solutions in their data centers. CentreStack has also been widely deployed by enterprises, school districts, law enforcement agencies, local governments, healthcare companies, and more.



MSPs install CentreStack’s multi-tenant file sync and share software to satisfy customer needs for remote access, file sharing, and synchronization between devices in different locations. The platform allows an MSP to become a cloud service provider (CSP) by leveraging existing file servers, user credentials, and security permissions to provide fast, secure, anywhereaccess to business data.

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Secure Remote Access

Use the same identities and file permissions everywhere. Users enjoy the same secure access experience no matter where they are, or which device they are using.

file server migration

File Server Migration

Access file servers from any device, in any location, using ALL existing permissions and access controls. Avoid manually redefining access permissions.


Native Drive Mapping

Increase productivity by providing a familiar mapped drive based on native file system drivers. Most solutions use WebDav, which does not provide the same performance, scalability, or reliability.


Auto File Locking

When a document is accessed locally, only one user at a time is allowed to make changes. CentreStack extends that file locking to all cloud use cases, making it easier to collaborate.


Sync On-Demand

Files are downloaded to clients only when accessed, and are then cached for faster access in the future. This lowers costs by saving storage and bandwidth. Other solutions sync everything everywhere.


Security & Compliance

Satisfy security and compliance requirements with features like who-what-when-where auditing and reporting, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and on-premise deployment.


MSP Business Growth

Add a new, high margin recurring revenue stream by using your existing assets to provide customers with a better alternative to consumer oriented cloud services.


Improved Productivity

Boost productivity with features that provide mobile access, a native user experience, and consistent security. Users can efficiently access their files or collaborate from any device in any location.


Fast Remote Access

VPNs are secure but slow. The file transfer protocols used by CentreStack increase productivity by providing remote access that is both fast and secure.


Become a CSP

Leverage existing infrastructure to become a white-labeled cloud service provider (CSP). Import file shares from - or enable remote access to - a customer’s file server using existing identities and access controls.

CentrStack integration

CentreStack Integration

Centralized management of file sync and share tenants for customers

Centralized user management

Centralized deployment, reporting, and endpoint management (coming soon)

Compatible with all recent versions of LabTech

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