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VaultLogix Cloud Backup & Recovery gives businesses the ability to implement a data protection strategy that includes off-site storage of backup data without requiring physical transportation of the data by using existing internet bandwidth. Set at an aggressive price point, it allows IT service providers to instantly boost profit margins when compared to similar backup products.

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VaultLogix Cloud Backup & Recovery

VaultLogix is an easily managed, remote backup solution that is scalable to your clients’ needs. By enabling you to back up critical business data to a remote center for rapid disaster recovery, VaultLogix allows you to manage your clients’ business continuity plans. Scheduled backups are run automatically via agentless technology to ensure efficiency. This world-class data protection infrastructure lets you safeguard your clients’ data without the need for additional capital or increased IT expense.

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VaultLogix Features Security


After the backup schedule is defined, data is encrypted and sent off-site to one of VaultLogix’s secure data centers.

VaultLogix Features Single Install

Single Install

There is a single install per client LAN for easier deployment and support.

Schedule Backups to Run Automatically

Automatic Backups

Scheduled backups are run automatically via agentless technology to ensure efficiency.

Brandable Software For Your Business


The software can be rebranded to suit the needs of your company.

VaultLogix Features Reporting


Take advantage of VaultLogix’s comprehensive reporting features.

VaultLogix Provides Easy and Flexible Business Solutions

Easy and Flexible

VaultLogix provides a flexible solution to meet your business needs. Access the partner portal for easy client management, billing, marketing and technical support.

VaultLogix Provides Highly Secure Encryption

Highly Secure

With a commitment to serious data protection, VaultLogix offers end-to-end encryption, tier 4 data center security and data center redundancy.

Unrestricted Uploading and Downloading

Super-Fast Backups

Through an unrestricted internet pipeline and automation, VaultLogix provides super-fast backups and restores. VaultLogix never restricts uploads or downloads.

VaultLogix Has Earned An Unmatched Record of Reliability

Proven Reliability

Since 1996, VaultLogix has earned an unmatched record of reliability in the industry with millions of successful backups and restores.

VaultLogix Allows Quick Recovery

Quicker Recovery

Data is backed up to an off-site location for protection and, if you prefer, it can also be backed up to a local appliance for quick recovery.

Minimize Backup Time with VaultLogix

Minimize Backup Time

VaultLogix software only backs up changes to the data on the protected system, minimizing server load and backup time.

VaultLogix MobilePlus Protects Mobile Data

Mobile Protection

With VaultLogix MobilePlus, you can protect mobile data with unobtrusive backups and simple restores; recover lost data and remotely delete data from devices.

VaultLogix Integration with LabTech

VaultLogix Integration

VaultLogix can be remotely monitored through LabTech.

Diagnose and Repair
A variety of backup issues can be diagnosed and repaired automatically through Labtech.

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