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Once endpoints stop working at peak efficiency, businesses suffer. Endpoints that are slow, crash or run out of disk space prevent your clients from getting work done and drain their productivity, which reflects poorly on their IT service provider. CCleaner Business Edition by Piriform, combined with LabTech integration, is the cost-effective way to keep endpoints running like new, preventing business interruptions and ensuring that your clients can get to work quickly.

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CCleaner by Piriform

Piriform is a leading global provider of software that helps computers to run clean, safe and fast. CCleaner Business Edition helps end-users' computers to run with the utmost efficiency by removing unnecessary files, including unused and temporary files, and eliminating online digital traces that compromise privacy and result in identity theft. By using the patented CCleaner software, LabTech’s partners can create a consistently optimized computing environment for their clients, increasing productivity and improving satisfaction, while saving on help desk costs. It is the perfect solution for PC repair and maintenance.

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Piriform Cleans Out Unnecessary Files

Optimize Endpoints

Cleans out unnecessary files to free up hard drive space, clears old registries that lead to instability and erases cookies from endpoints to keep data secure.

Piriform Features Automatic Cleaning

Automate Cleaning

Through integration with LabTech, CCleaner can be scheduled to clean and optimize across profiles automatically for simplified endpoint maintenance.

Stop Nonessential Programs with Piriform

Stop Nonessential Programs

CCleaner stops Windows from running unnecessary background programs that slow down endpoints during startup. The result is faster boot times for end users.

Pirirform Performs Fast Maintenance

Fast Maintenance

Endpoints are cleaned quickly so end users never experience downtime. All user accounts on a multi-user endpoint can be cleaned at once.

Piriforms Supports Windows

Supports All Endpoints

All Windows-based physical endpoints, virtual endpoints, servers and terminal services are supported by CCleaner.

Automatic Cleaning to Eliminate Unplanned Service Visits

Reduce Service Visits

Technicians can set automatic cleaning schedules to ensure endpoints are always running optimally, thereby eliminating unplanned service visits.

Piriform Helps Gain a Competitive Advantage

Gain a Competitive Edge

You will exceed your clients’ expectations by maximizing their current infrastructure and increasing ROI on their hardware.

Increase Revenue with Piriform

Increase Revenue

CCleaner provides the opportunity to increase your business’s revenue by adding a low maintenance managed service to your offering.

Maximize Results with Piriform

Maximize Results

By ensuring endpoints are consistently running optimally, technician time can be used for real issues instead of tending to unnecessary tickets.

Piriform is Microsoft Certified

Proven Technology

CCleaner Business Edition has been tested to the highest standard. It is Microsoft-certified for compatibility with Windows and code signed by VeriSign.

Piriform CCleaner Integration

CCleaner Integration

Automate Cleaning
CCleaner integrates with LabTech to automate endpoint cleaning schedules to reduce unnecessary tickets and service calls.

CCleaner’s integration into LabTech allows you to schedule the CCleaner master script on multiple machines in a group.

CCleaner installation and implementation are handled from within LabTech.

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