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ScreenConnect is a remote support, access and meeting solution. With ScreenConnect, IT professionals can quickly and securely remote into and repair LabTech managed and non-managed devices, as well as conduct online meetings. ScreenConnect meets IT governance and compliance requirements for a range of specialized industries. ScreenConnect’s remote access functionality for LabTech managed devices is included, free of charge, with LabTech.

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ScreenConnect Remote Control

ScreenConnect provides a centralized web application that supports multiple connection methods in one package: remote support, remote access and remote meetings. Extensive customization options are available, including white-labeling and branding. Users also have access to an extension marketplace that enhances product functionality and extends the feature set. Industry-leading security includes role-based security, multiple authentication methods, 2-factor, SSL and more. The proprietary protocol provides enhanced performance across multiple operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

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Control Monitors

Control Monitors

  • Support multiple monitors
  • Adjust resolution quality
  • Modify zoom level


Operating System Controls

  • Terminal server: Connect to logged in users
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Reboot and reconnect in safe mode

Quickly Establish Ad Hoc Support Sessions with ScreenConnect

Remote Support

  • Remote session via shared code
  • Remote into non-managed devices
  • Multi-platform supportability


Remote Access

  • Free and permanent remote sessions
  • Remote into LabTech managed devices
  • Support an array of platforms

Share Your Screen With An Unlimited Number Of Participants | ScreenConnect

Remote Meetings

  • Screen share with unlimited attendees
  • Audio via mic or VoIP headset
  • In-session chat

ScreenConnect Facilitates Compliance


  • Remote session reporting options
  • Basic audit query logs
  • Extended auditing with video


Free Add-on Extensions

  • Custom localization
  • End user initiated remote support sessions
  • Additional extensions in library

Security You Can Count On | ScreenConnect


  • Two-factor authentication
  • User source: Internal, AD, LDAP
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Facilitate compliance with Ask/Deny

ScreenConnect Customization | LabTech Software


  • Complete white-label branding
  • 300+ resource strings
  • iFrame integration
  • Custom localization


Mobile Device Support

  • Support for Android and iOS devices
  • Complete Samsung device support
  • View and control screen
  • Chat and access system information


Remote into Non-Managed Devices

  • Remote support for unmanaged devices
  • Shared URL and code entry
  • Bundled with free online meetings
  • Multi-platform support

ScreenConnect Integrates With LabTech 10

Fast, Reliable Connections

  • Average 2 second connection speed
  • Client to relay server
  • Same speed whether on-premise or LabTech Cloud
  • Low bandwidth


User Controls

  • Desktop share with end user
  • Suspend technician mouse and keyboard
  • Block end user control
  • Blank guest monitor

Remote Access to Toolbox with ScreenConnect


  • File transfer
  • Screenshot or video recording
  • Download and install apps with a single click
  • Chat and annotation tool

ScreenConnect Integration with LabTech

ScreenConnect Integration

Single-Click Launch
Once installed, launch ScreenConnect from the LabTech computer management workspace with a single click.

Automatic and Remote
Deploy, activate and uninstall ScreenConnect automatically and remotely using Windows and Mac OS X. Ask/deny request to control can be configured at the machine level.

For single-pane-of-glass visibility, launch a fast, secure remote support session from LabTech.

Easily see which computers are not running ScreenConnect with online presence indicator. Naming/organization grouping available in LabTech can be mapped into ScreenConnect web interface. Deployment settings, custom fields and connection events available on the ScreenConnect dashboard.

Multi-Platform Support
ScreenConnect supports an array of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS devices.

There are three wizard-driven options for installation: automatically integrate an existing ScreenConnect server; automatically install a ScreenConnect server to a LabTech server; or automatically install a ScreenConnect server to another server.

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