IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is the trusted mobility management solution to thousands of customers worldwide—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It makes working in a mobile world simple and safe by delivering comprehensive mobile security and management of emails, apps, content, Web access and mobile devices. This award-winning platform streamlines the way IT professionals manage and secure the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace throughout their entire lifecycle.


IBM MaaS360 Mobile Security

IBM MaaS360 is a secure and comprehensive mobility management solution that quickly deploys devices and delivers productivity apps while enabling secure content collaboration on mobile devices. The solution delivers market leading capabilities that include seamless cloud delivery, the ability for large-scale rollouts, and the easiest administration capabilities in the market. It enables you to manage mobile from end-to-end, for maximum productivity and security and connects end users so they can work anytime, anywhere.

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Multi-OS Mobile Support

Manage and secure all major mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.



With real-time compliance enforcement, detect when users opt out of the program, install prohibited apps or initiate SIM changes so you can automate corrective action.

Centralized Control

Centralized Control

Provides a unified management console for all mobile devices with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms.


Distribution Insights

Gain insight into the distribution of devices across different operating systems, approval statuses, device capabilities, ownership and other useful summaries.


Mobility Intelligence™

Mobility intelligence dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your clients’ mobile environment operations and compliance.


BYOD Program Enablement

Users manage all emails, contacts, calendars, apps, content and Web browsing from one dedicated workspace on their mobile devices, no matter what devices they are using or who owns them.


Easy Management

Instantly accessible from the web, it is easy to use and maintain, and provides the flexibility IT professionals need to fully embrace mobility in every aspect of their business.



Provides a comprehensive set of capabilities so you can quickly and easily configure devices for access and ensure that the corporate data stored on all devices is secure.


Streamline Delivery

Easy end user self-service enrollment initiates an automated notification of any new devices on the network so they can be quarantined or approved.


End-to-End Security

You can configure device passcode policies to meet the highest security standards while actively monitoring devices to ensure total compliance.


IBM MaaS360 Integration

LabTech Software and IBM MaaS360 are jointly scoping the development of integration, enabling partners to utilize a single-pane-of-glass to manage users, desktops, servers, virtual systems, network devices and mobile devices.

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