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At LabTech Software, we believe that direct communication and close collaboration with our partners creates the synergy needed to deliver innovative and meaningful enhancements that meet partner needs and improve their IT services offering. In addition to effective and affordable tools, our partners appreciate a true partnership that goes beyond software purchase and support to promote mutual advancement and growth.

LabTech 10.5 Accelerate Performance

What’s New in LabTech 10.5

Our latest release follows our long-standing tradition of providing innovative and meaningful solutions to our partners. Our unwavering commitment to extend and enhance overall product functionality and performance continues as well. LabTech 10.5 unveils LabTech Ignite™ enhancements, upgrades to the ScreenConnect plug-in, the introduction of the User Class Manager for permissions, remote monitor localization, and more. With the features built into LabTech 10.5, you're more equipped than ever to effectively monitor, manage and maintain today's modern IT infrastructure.

LabTech Ignite Service Pack | LabTech Software

LabTech Ignite

The next-generation LabTech Ignite management packs allow you to control noise by choosing which holistic solutions to ignite.

Native ScreenConnect Integration with LabTech

ScreenConnect Plug-In 2.0

Take advantage of seamless ScreenConnect integration within the LabTech Web Control Center and give end users access to their devices via the LabTech Client Portal.

User Class Manager

Permissions and User Class Manager

As the first step of a complete overhaul to LabTech permissions, you can now customize permissions through a single window with the new User Class Manager.

Remote Monitor Localization

Remote Monitor Localization

Remote monitors now accurately return findings from LabTech agents with non-English operating systems, so you only need one monitor to manage endpoints in different locales.


See It In Action!

With every release, LabTech Software is focused on bringing innovative, meaningful solutions to our partners, and our latest release is no exception. LabTech 10.5 brings enhancements to LabTech Ignite™, upgrades to the ScreenConnect plug-in, new permissions, increased processing power and more! Watch our recorded webinar to see all the latest features in action.

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