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In today’s IT environment, relying on a single malware vendor is not sufficient to guarantee complete network protection. You need a second source of defense to ascertain that your clients are secure from cyber threats. HitmanPro is a second opinion scanner designed to rescue computers that have become infected with viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other malware, despite continuous protection from up-to-date antivirus software.

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With HitmanPro’s integration into LabTech, malware scanning and cleaning can be performed remotely and automatically for increased efficiency. HitmanPro works alongside your existing antivirus software to detect and remove malware which might have evaded first layer security. It combines cloud computing, multi-criteria heuristics and behavioral analysis to effectively reveal and bypass the deceptive techniques employed by modern malware. It is the only full spectrum antivirus program capable of both detecting and removing deeply embedded persistent threats and other malware that antivirus software does not detect.

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HitmanPro On Demand Scanner

On Demand Scanner

Runs from a USB drive, CD/DVD or local or network hard drive without needing installation, scans computers quickly with minimum bandwidth impact during scanning and works alongside your security solution without conflict.

Detection Analysis | LabTech Software

Detection and Analysis

Detects malware through a sophisticated model that identifies files with suspicious characteristics and analyzes them in the cloud using multiple antivirus programs to determine whether they are safe or malicious.

HitmanPro Blocks Malware

Blocks Malware

Removes persistent threats from within the running operating system and blocks malware reinfection attempts. There is no need to reimage infected computers or to physically boot from a time-consuming rescue disk.

Embedded Threat Removal | HitmanPro

Embedded Threat Removal

It is the only full spectrum antivirus program capable of detecting and removing deeply embedded and persistent threats, including ZeroAcccess, TDL3, TDL4, Mebroot, Pihar, Cidox and other hard to detect malicious software.

Advanced Threat Removal | HitmanPro

Advanced Threat Removal

Removes zero-day, deeply embedded and persistent threats that most antivirus software won’t detect or remove.

No Install Required | LabTech Software

No Installation Required

Perfect for situations where malware prevents the installation of security software, because no installation is required.

Works Fast | HitmanPro

Works Fast

The scanning process is performed in a few minutes without interruption to end users. Files are quickly classified as potentially malicious.

Accurate | LabTech Software


HitmanPro won’t conflict with existing security software and its proprietary cloud technology ensures that it is always up-to-date.

HitmanPro Integration

HitmanPro Integration

Search features allow you to easily pick machines that need protection.

Configurable Exclusions
Easily configurable exclusions can be set at the global, client, location or computer level.

Exclusion Lists
Exclusion lists can be easily copied via drag & drop and turned on/off with one click.

Configuration Button
The configuration button allows you visibility into available and deployed licenses.

Configurations allow you to run auto-scans, add new computers to the “licensed” group and reboot machines.

View anti-malware reports through the LT Report Manager.

Ticket Resolution
Enjoy automatic ticket resolution.

Scan and Clean
Execute a scan and clean through LabTech.

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