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Third Party Patch Management

Unpatched applications like Oracle, Java, Apple, QuickTime, and Adobe Reader leave your systems vulnerable to exploits and malware. LabTech’s Third Party Patch Management solution natively extends LabTech’s Microsoft update, patching to third party applications to close security holes and guard against attacks. Third Party Patch Management downloads all updates and automatically pushes patches, so systems are always up to date.

Third Party Patch Management

With new vulnerabilities being discovered almost daily, keeping your systems secure can be time consuming and costly. In addition, the lag time between when a vulnerability is discovered and when a virus appears is now measured in days rather than months. This puts tremendous pressure on your team to ensure timely installation of patches, so security holes remain closed not only in the Windows operating system, but also in other applications. With Third Party Patch Management, it’s easy to provide third party patching to your clients while increasing recurring monthly revenue.

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App-Care Features Plug Into LabTech

Seamless Solution

Designed from scratch to natively extend LabTech

App-Care Automated Patches

Automated Patches

Downloads all third party patch definitions and pushes patches to computers automatically

App-Care Features Global Policies

Update Policies

Defines policies with update and install options, so technicians can focus on exceptions

App-Care Features Scalability | LabTech Software


Makes the process of scaling deployments easy while also handling various exceptions

Monthly Revenue | LabTech Software

Recurring Monthly Revenue

Provides a source of recurring monthly revenue with automated Third Party Patch Management

No Impact Bandwidth | LabTech Software

No Impact to Bandwidth

Hosts all patch executables on the LabTech server or custom cache directory so your bandwidth is not negatively impacted

Demostrate Value with App-Care

Demonstrates Value

Custom setup allows for documenting of all updates and can even add time to tickets in order to show the value of patching of third party applications

App-Care Closes Security Gaps

Closes Security Gaps

Closes vulnerabilities in third party applications to reduce time spent removing malware from computers

Increase Efficiency | App-Care

Increases Efficiency

Leverages all automation options available in LabTech to reduce administrative time and increase efficiency

App-Care World Class Support

World-Class Support

Receive professional support services to ensure peace of mind

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