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With intuitive, reliable security solutions, Thycotic empowers IT professionals to control and monitor privileged account credentials and identity access. Trusted by more than 2,500 organizations and 100,000 IT admins worldwide, Thycotic has been rated #1 in client satisfaction by industry analysts. For more than a decade, Thycotic has proven that IT security doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or cost prohibitive.

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Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic’s flagship product, Secret Server, is used by IT professionals worldwide to secure privileged and other sensitive data. It is known for its intuitive user interface and strong adoption rates. With tiered implementation options, it is the best password management software for small businesses, large organizations and everything in between. IT service providers can increase their security posture and management efficiency using this fast, easy solution to secure access to admin and service accounts while improving productivity and reducing the potential for a security breach.

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Thyoctic Automation


Automate password changing for all types of privileged accounts—local admin accounts, servers, databases, routers, switches, firewalls—and complete role-based access and permission controls.

Thycotic Reporting Features


Provides full audit reports for users and system usage which help gauge password risk. Pull the usage report for an employee who left the organization and automatically change his passwords.

Thycotic Implementation Features


Leverage automated migration tools including data import through CSV, Excel, XML and API to streamline the implementation process. The value of Thycotic Secret Server is apparent from day one.

Thycotics Features Security


Provides features including AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords and more. Helps meet compliance requirements with accountability for privileged and shared account passwords.

Reduce Risks | LabTech Software

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of breach escalation due to password reuse and “pass-the-hash” attacks, a strategy used by hackers to gain admin control over a machine, steal authentication credentials and use them to initiate new logons.

Reduce Costs | Thycotic

Reduce Costs

Eliminates the need to call a manufacturer or go on-site to gain access to equipment.

Strong Adoption Rates | LabTech Software

Strong Adoption Rates

The intuitive user interface allows for smooth adoption and makes it easy to enforce password best practices.

Simple Maintenance | LabTech Software

Simple Maintenance

Reduce time typically spent on maintenance with fast upgrades that don’t require professional services.

Future Proof | Thycotic


As an enterprise solution, it scales to meet the future business needs of you and your clients.

Improve Efficiency | LabTech Software

Improve Efficiency

A lost password should not cause work to be halted. Passwords are easily accessible but stored securely.

Thycotic Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Supports automatic database and IIS directory backups, as well as SQL database mirroring to create real-time backups of all stored data.

Thycotic Integration

Thycotic Integration

Shared Credentials
Access shared credentials through the LabTech console.

Drive Efficiency
Quickly access the passwords required to work on client devices to drive greater efficiency.

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