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Webroot is dedicated to making security effective, easy, and profitable for managed service providers with cloud-based solutions that leverage the most advanced threat intelligence in the world. In two years, Webroot SecureAnywhere™ solutions have been adopted by thousands of new MSPs and businesses because they deliver the best on-device performance with excellent efficacy at stopping malware.

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Webroot® SecureAnywhere

As a cloud-driven solution, Webroot SecureAnywhere™ products drastically reduce the unique service challenges, management time and costs associated with integrating endpoint security. By partnering with managed service providers, Webroot provides a service that allows them to augment existing portfolios, generate new revenue streams and maintain profits. With a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use security solutions, Webroot helps IT service providers to meet their clients’ needs for network security, data management and compliancy.

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Webroot Multiplatform Features


Supports Windows, PCs, and servers and is optimized for virtual environments such as VMware® and Citrix®.

Webroot Features Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Deploys easily via GPO, MSI, or email, installs within seconds and runs alongside existing applications, including security solutions.

Forget Reimaging | LabTech Software

Forget Reimaging

With its granular monitoring, journaling, and rollback remediation, even if an endpoint is compromised by an infection, reimaging is rarely necessary.

Cloud Intelligence | Webroot

Threat Intelligence

Brightcloud® Threat Intelligence is the world’s most powerful threat intelligence, with over 35 major IT vendors incorporating its components within their solutions.

Webroot Global Site Manager

Global Site Manager

The Webroot® Global Site Manager™ console enables administrators to issue their own unique console and license keys to clients and integrates with LabTech for easier management.

Simplify Deployments | Webroot

Simplify Deployments

The Webroot® Global Site Manager™ console provides auto-provisioning capabilities that enable administrators to manage deployments more efficiently. The <1MB client means a full installation takes <2 minutes and uses <15% of system CPU.

Unrivaled Protection | Webroot

Unrivaled Protection

Because Webroot SecureAnywhere™ solutions harness real-time threat intelligence, they don’t rely on on-device signatures. Webroot protects every endpoint with real-time malware prevention and heuristics-based on-machine learning.

Advanced Threats | LabTech Software

Stop Advanced Threats

The BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Platform powers Webroot SecureAnywhere products that are able to call on the cloud to deliver instant, more effective detection of unknown malware than any standard antivirus technology.

Client Satisfaction | LabTech Software

Client Satisfaction

With built-in support, administrators are able to address issues early, reducing costs and providing a better experience. Webroot has the highest customer satisfaction ratings and Net Promoter Scores® of any endpoint security solution.

Webroot Simple and Quick

Simple and Quick

No on-premise management hardware or software, time-consuming patches, or signature updates are required. Installation and protection are delivered within seconds, and the light endpoint footprint means increased productivity.

Webroot Integration

Webroot Integration

LabTech® Control Center
Integration allows the LabTech Control Center to interact, extract reportable data and manage Webroot® SecureAnywhere activities. The toolbar button, monitors, scripts and custom data views may be accessed through LabTech.

Graphical User Interface
The graphical user interface offers client view dashboard displays for agent/client status, agent information, scan statistics, visual alerts, and management tools. Data views are broken out to show client, location, and device-specific information.

The integration provides a single-point interaction—the LabTech Control Center—for managing all Webroot-related information including monitoring protection status, threat counts, check-in times, and program versions. Administrators have access to the Webroot portal with the LabTech console.

Management Capabilities
Management capabilities include deployment, initiating and scheduling three types of scans, uninstalling Webroot if needed, and monitoring the machine’s threat status. Framework architecture for the plug-in eliminates the need to re-install new integration versions.

The integration is compatible with LabTech on-premise and LabTech cloud. The integration does not support MAC, Android™, or other iOS® devices. These devices must be managed through the native Webroot console.

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