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LabTech Mobile Device Management

LabTech mobile device management (MDM) is a fully integrated feature within LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that provides comprehensive monitoring and security controls over mobile devices with access to your customers’ networks and data.

The latest version of LabTech MDM includes enhancements that provide complete visibility and control over mobile devices used for conducting business including geographic location tracking, selective wiping and built-in reporting, empowering IT service providers with the tools to deliver easy and secure risk management against potential mobile threats.

Mobile Device Management in the Workplace

As an IT professional, you’re familiar with the pros and cons of mobile device use for business. The flexibility of remote connectivity improves employee productivity and also tends to increase employee satisfaction. But the obvious risks that come from mobile access to corporate networks—from the loss of confidential data stored on mobile devices to unauthorized network access—cannot be underestimated. And it makes no difference whether devices are employee-owned or company provided—if they are accessing your clients’ networks, the threat is real and potentially costly.

LabTech Mobile Device Management Lifecycle - click to enlarge
LabTech MDM Lifecycle - click to enlarge

In addition, LabTech MDM’s innovative services include instant auto-merging of profile settings based on group criteria such as location, type and user. And, LabTech MDM is also the only solution on the market with the ability to sync your clients’ mobile devices into the ConnectWise PSA solution.

MDM Enrollment, Configuring and Security

LabTech Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to manage Apple iOS and Google Android platform mobile devices with smooth enrollment, configuring, monitoring and reporting functions.

Features Apple Android


(OTA) Over-the-Air Enrollment
Enroll via SMS message
Enroll via email
Enroll via quick reference (QR) code
Enroll via uniform resource locator (URL)


Common Connection Settings
Exchange ActiveSync Email
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)


Device Inventory
Unique device identifier (UDID)
Device name
Build and version
Model name and number
Serial number
Capacity and space available
International mobile equipment identity (IMEI)
Modem firmware
Hardware inventory (memory, CPU and battery life)
Application inventory (installed apps)
Mobile device type (smartphone vs. tablet)
Network Inventory
Integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID)
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi media access control (MAC) addresses
Current carrier network
SIM carrier network
Phone number
Data roaming settings
End-User Self Service Functions
Send screenshot
Log ticket
Centralized Control Center Integration
Technician access control permissions
Auto-join criteria and assigned actions for groups
Auto-merge config profiles based on groups
Auto-wipe through intelligent groups
Auto-lock through intelligent groups
Under contract vs. not under contract identification
Lost or retired device groups


Policy Profiles
Require passcode
Allow simple value
Require alphanumeric passcode
Set passcode length
Require complex characters
Set maximum passcode age
Set time before auto-lock
Set passcode reuse requirement
Set grace period for device unlock without re-entering passcode
Set number of failed passcode attempts before device lock
Set number of failed passcode attempts before device wipe
Available Restrictions
Access to app stores
Use of web browser security preferences
Use of YouTube
Use of app store and in-app purchase
Ability to screen capture
Automatic sync while roaming
Use of voice dialing or voice assistant
Enforce encrypted iTunes backups 
Use of the camera 


On Demand Support Functions
Instant device lock
Full device wipe (back to factory settings)
Selective device wipe
Passcode reset
Geographical location lookup
Data Plan Management
Detailed data usage tracking
Data usage threshold alerting
Geo Management and Tracking
Historical device location
Visual global map interface
Mobile device asset summary report
Mobile device detailed inventory report
Mobile device software inventory report
Mobile device data usage report

Proactively Monitor Clients' Networks

LabTech Mobile Device Management (MDM) is fully integrated within the LabTech platform and was built to meet the needs of IT solution providers who are using a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool to proactively monitor their clients’ networks. Unlike other mobile device management solutions, LabTech MDM enables you to centrally manage all mobile devices across all client sites from the same interface through which your clients’ networks are monitored. This allows for seamless, efficient and proactive mobile device management.

  • Enroll employee and company-owned mobile devices over-the-air
  • Configure and apply corporate settings for Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN, LDAP and third party email to one or multiple devices
  • Configure and enforce security policies, including passcode complexity requirements, device auto-lock and number of failed passcode attempts before a device wipe
  • Instantly lock or wipe mobile devices in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Pinpoint the physical location of a mobile device on a geographical map and identify physical locations a device has been in a given period of time
  • Help your clients avoid data plan overage charges with automatic data usage threshold alerting
  • Generate customized reports with new built-in reporting features