ModernOffice. One complete package to run your entire IT business.
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We want to help you experience success in every area of your business. We don’t believe in duct-taped together tools, we want to deliver more to our partners. That’s why LabTech Software is a proud member of the ModernOffice. The ModernOffice is a collection of best-of-breed solutions to tackle every area of your business.

Integration + Innovation = Your Success

LabTech and the solutions in the ModernOffice go beyond just simple integrations. ModernOffice solutions have a common foundation and commitment to each other to ensure that integrations work seamlessly to create end-to-end processes. Gone are the days of finger pointing about broken integrations, we won’t let that happen.

In the ModernOffice, innovation is our number one mission. We created an environment to work with the best business minds in the industry and break down typical barriers. Members of the ModernOffice collaborate to bring you the best solutions to today’s challenges while building for tomorrow’s opportunities. To learn more about the ModernOffice philosophy, please check out our CEO broadcast.

Core ModernOffice Solutions:

LabTech Software

A powerful remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that will drastically improve your efficiency and productivity with the power of remote management, support and IT process automation.


A business operating platform and Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that becomes the hub of your business.


A quote and proposal solution that takes the most difficult, ugly and time-consuming proposals and quickly turns them into beautiful proposals that you can be proud of.

Watch Our ModernOffice Video to Learn More

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ModernOffice Unplugged

The ModernOffice was built with you in mind. In this webinar, you'll hear the CEOs of LabTech Software, ConnectWise, Quosal and CharTec explain what the ModernOffice is and why it was created, as well as what the future holds. Watch as these industry leaders share their vision, their passion and the reality of the ModernOffice.

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