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Create New LabTech Plug-ins | LabTech Developer Network

Create New LabTech Plug-Ins

The LabTech Developer Network delivers tools that allow LabTech partners, software developers and third party vendors to create new LabTech plug-ins that extend the functionality of LabTech’s Control Center, server or agents, or provide integration with other software. By utilizing the LabTech software development kit, a web portal where the application programming interface is documented, developers leverage a supported method of LabTech integration and minimize the impact of future LabTech releases on the plug-in. In addition, the LabTech Developer Network offers a robust developer community.

LabTech Developer Network Software Development Kit

LabTech Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • API documentation
  • Code snippets and example projects
  • Developer support forum access
  • The LabTech SDK is based on VB.Net

API Documentation | LabTech Developer Network for IT Service Providers

API Documentation

  • Lists of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Description of the interfaces
  • Methods for each interface
  • Types each method returns

IT Tools For Getting Started | LabTech Developer Network

Tools for Getting Started

  • The “Getting Started with LabTech Plug-in Quick Start Guide”
  • Backup integration guide documentation
  • Endpoint security integration guide documentation
  • Best practice recommendations

LabTech Developer Network Partners

LabTech Partners

By adding new tabs to the LabTech Control Center/Client/Location and other areas, partners can customize the platform. To apply for access, complete the LabTech Developer Network Request Form. *Username/password are required.

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Third Party Vendors | LabTech Developer Network

Third Party Vendors

Vendors can create plug-ins that pass information bi-directionally between their product and LabTech, and write scripts to remotely deploy solutions and manage them through LabTech. Access for third party vendors is provided through ConnectWise Invent, our official vendor collaboration program.

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LabTech Developer Network Software Developers

Software Developers

The LabTech Developer Network is designed for software developers who would like to write LabTech plug-ins.