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Partner Innovation Network

The LabTech Partner Innovation Network (PIN) is an exclusive network of IT service industry thought leaders who are committed to continuous innovation. The program is designed to enable LabTech partners to drive innovation and automation into their businesses using our world-leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology. As a member of the LabTech Partner Innovation Network, you’ll enhance your status in the industry, showcase your organization’s success and help shape the future of the LabTech platform.

LabTech Software partners improve the way their organizations excel by innovating service management and IT service delivery. We invite you to share the success your business has achieved via these innovations and the value our technology brings to your organization by joining our Partner Innovation Network.

The LabTech Partner Innovation Network is a global community comprised of LabTech Software’s elite partners. The program provides opportunities for you to connect with industry peers, promote your accomplishments and further the success of your IT services business.

Why Join the Partner Innovation Network?

As a LabTech Partner Innovation Network member, you can:

  • Promote your organization’s success
  • Showcase your innovations to enhance your status as an industry thought leader
  • Network with peers to gain valuable insights and share successes and best practices
  • Gain early insight into upcoming LabTech initiatives and help influence their development
  • Build a closer relationship with LabTech Software through partnering and sharing your organization’s needs and challenges

Membership Criteria

To qualify for the LabTech Partner Innovation Network, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been a LabTech partner for one year and a managed service provider for three years
  • Commit to 18 months of program participation
  • Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement
  • Agree to the program requirements
  • Be a business owner within your IT business

If you meet these criteria and would like to become a LabTech Partner Innovation Network member, simply click the Join Now button below to apply. Your information will be submitted to a Partner Innovation Network team member, who will contact you to learn more about your organization and your use of LabTech. After you are accepted into the program, we will send you additional information about upcoming opportunities and events.

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LabTech Partner Innovation Network: Driving Partner Success

Kevin Gibson, Senior Product Manager at LabTech Software and LabTech Partner Innovation Network program administrator, outlines the features and benefits of the LabTech Partner Innovation Network and explains how you can apply to become a member.

LabTech Partner Innovation Network webinar

LabTech Partner Innovation
Network (PIN): FAQs

How much time do I have to invest as a member of the
PIN program?

On average, partners should plan to commit 2-3 hours per month. Some months may require more time while others will require less.

How many members are in the PIN program?
The program will accommodate 100 partners at full capacity.

What is the timeframe of commitment to the PIN program?
Partners that apply and are accepted will serve an initial 18 month term. At the end of the initial term, the partner will be placed in alumni status and for the following nine months will be asked only to participate in quarterly business review (QBR) meetings. After nine months, alumni partners will be offered first option to reinstate their active membership in the PIN program and re-engage in specific requests.

Do partners receive any sort of discount for participating in the program?
No. Discounts are not associated with participation. It is our desire to engage in honest collaboration with partners in the program. Discounts or incentives might influence partner opinion and devalue the credibility of the program.

I want more than one person in my business to be involved. Is that possible?
Absolutely. The program is designed for business to business collaboration with our teams working together. Certain PIN requests may be best suited for specific people within your company, such as the CEO, a technician or your LabTech administrator. We only ask that we are given a single point of contact within your organization that can delegate requests appropriately.

At a minimum, what is required if I join the PIN program?
The Partner Innovation Network has many levels of participation that can be selected based upon your companies’ needs and desires. Partners that want to engage must agree to the following minimum level of participation:

  • Partnership Interlock – Members work with LabTech Software within the context of a mutual stakeholder partnership to maximize short and long-term benefits. This includes providing use cases for product updates, discussing how your organization uses an area of the product, participating in focus groups and executive councils, and meeting with LabTech Software on a quarterly basis to gain more insight into our ongoing development plans. This may also include allowing LabTech employees to visit your organization to learn more about your business practices and how they apply to LabTech.
  • Year-Round Beta/Pilot Program – Members participate in our year-round beta/pilot program, which is designed to continually test minor and major release items for LabTech. The innovations tested are a direct result of suggestions made via the PIN program and are vetted by program members.
  • Testimonial Quotes – Members are asked to provide quotes about product features for use in marketing literature, presentations and other materials, as well as on external websites.
  • Use of Name/Logo – Members are asked to permit LabTech Software to use their name, logo and/or other design mark in marketing literature, presentations and other materials, as well as on external websites. LabTech Software will follow your published usage guidelines when using your trademarks.
  • Press Release – LabTech Software will create a press release announcing deployment and/or how LabTech Software products and solutions have positively impacted your IT infrastructure and organization.

How do I become a member of the Partner
Innovation Network?

To get started, a partner that has been a managed service provider for three years and a LabTech partner for a minimum of one year can apply by completing the online application. Following its completion, we will arrange a brief 30-60 minute discussion to gather additional information and determine whether your business is a good fit for the program. Once approved, you will be presented with a welcome kit and PIN agreement. Once the agreement has been signed and returned, you will officially be a LabTech Partner Innovation Network member and your journey will begin.