Discover LabTech Remote Monitoring and Management

New To Remote Monitoring and Management?

Whether you are a one-man break-fix shop or an established IT managed service provider (MSP), remote monitoring and management (RMM) will drastically improve your efficiency and productivity with the power of remote customer management, support and IT process automation.

RMM solutions are used for the oversight and administration of device and network health. Technicians can easily connect without VPNs, firewall or router issues and perform support and maintenance tasks remotely, without logging in directly to machines or servers. RMM offers potential cost reductions in the form of automation and fewer customer site visits, and improves the overall support that you provide to your customers.

Designed by System Engineers for System Engineers

The LabTech RMM platform is the standout of the industry and the only RMM platform on the Inc. 500. Designed from the perspective of system engineers with real experience in the IT services industry, LabTech leverages the power of automation to solve any IT challenge.

With LabTech RMM you can:

  • Detect and resolve issues proactively and remotely
  • Support machines and servers without end-user interruptions
  • Automate IT tasks and move from job driven to process driven
  • Triple technician efficiency and productivity
  • Establish recurring revenue for increased profits

What Our Partners Have to Say

We're proud to share with you a compilation of video testimonials produced with the enthusiastic participation of our LabTech partners. Take a few minutes to listen to their stories and learn about their experiences with LabTech.

"LabTech brings us the ability to provide unparalleled service to our clients."

Nate Gagne | Mainstay Technologies


"We know about problems way before they happen."

Tom Wyant | Wyant, Inc.

"It's decreased our chaos and increased our efficiency."

Nathan Page | Computerland of East Texas


"It increases our productivity and efficiency."

Tom Watson │ Capital Computers and Networks

"It has become the foundation of our service delivery."

Brad Schow │ Heartland Technology Solutions

"LabTech is all
about time

Josh Krueger │ Integrity Technology Solutions