LabTech Testimonials


We are proud to share with you a sample of video testimonials and comments from LabTech partners. Take a few minutes to listen to their stories, share their experiences and learn how LabTech can help you greatly improve your business by streamlining IT processes and best in class automation.

Listen to What Our Partners Have to Say

"Ignite has really allowed us to hit the ground running."

How Has LabTech Ignite Helped Your IT Business?

"It has obviously been written by a service provider."

Malcolm Diack │ The Final Step

"LabTech brings us the ability to provide unparalleled service to our clients."

Nate Gagne | Mainstay Technologies

"It blew the doors off of everything we had seen."

Justin Tinel │ Ground Swell

"We can work with more endpoints with fewer employees."

Jonas Berling │ Ringdahls Data & Distribution AB

"I really think it’s the strongest platform out there."

Would You Recommend LabTech?

"It’s a huge value that you can bring to your customer."

How Has LabTech’s Stealth Support Benefitted You?

"We know about problems way before they happen."

Tom Wyant | Wyant, Inc.

"We were blown away."

David Wertz | PC Works Plus

"We can take software and install it across our entire client base."

What Has LabTech Helped You Automate?

"You really feel you have an impact on the tool and where it's headed."

How Does LabTech Respond to Partner Feedback?

"LabTech understands us."

Russell Potts | Secom Technology

"Dramatic productivity increase."

Mathew Reeve | Modern Networks

"The wealth of information that is there right at my fingertips."

What’s Your Favorite LabTech Feature?

"I can take on more clients with fewer human resources."

How Has LabTech Made You More Efficient?

"We can quickly see if there are any errors across all of our clients all at one time."

How Do You Use LabTech’s Multivendor Dashboards?

"I would absolutely recommend LabTech to anybody who is looking to grow their business."

Eric Rieger | WEBIT Services, Inc.

"The automation provides complete access to the backend database."

Bruce McCully | Dynamic Edge