LTCP Certification Training

The LabTech Certified Professional training is conducted in a classroom setting at the LabTech Software training facilities. The objective of this hands-on course is to deliver deeper technical knowledge, best practices and skills to increase product efficiency. Designed by expert LabTech trainers, the material covers all the essential areas that enable partners to streamline their service offering. Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Get LabTech Certified!

The five-day LabTech Certified Professional (LTCP) training is designed to strengthen technical knowledge and practical skills in areas such as scripting, patching and network probing by implementing LabTech blueprint best practices.

To ensure a smooth transition into the core LTCP curriculum, day one is used to revisit the areas covered in the LabTech Essential Training Course. Practice labs are held throughout the course to reinforce the material covered.

Day five concludes with a comprehensive course review and a final exam. Course materials are made available to all participants for future reference.

The LabTech Certified Professional course covers:

1. Client Onboarding

1.1.1. Executive Content
1.1.2. Using LabTech Every Day

2. Service Desk

2.1.1. Executive Content
2.1.2. Using LabTech Every Day

3. Monitoring and Automation

3.1. Monitoring

3.1.1. Executive Content
3.1.2. Configuring LabTech Monitoring
3.1.3. Configuring LabTech Monitoring on a Client
3.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

3.2. Alerting – A Feature That Helps Deliver Monitoring and Automation

3.2.1. Executive Content
3.2.2. Configuring Alert Templates
3.2.3. Using LabTech Every Day

3.3. Automation – LabTech Scripting

3.3.1. Executive Content
3.3.2. Using LabTech Every Day

4. Delivering Business Intelligence with LabTech

4.1.1. Executive Content
4.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
4.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
4.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

5. Reporting

5.1.1. Executive Content
5.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
5.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
5.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

6. Security Management

6.1. Antivirus Management

6.1.1. Executive Content
6.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
6.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
6.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

6.2. Patch Management

6.2.1. Executive Content
6.2.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
6.2.3. Configuring Client Settings
6.2.4. Using LabTech Every Day

7. Service Desk

7.1.1. Executive Content
7.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
7.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
7.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

8. Endpoint Management

8.1. Mobile Device Management

8.1.1. Executive Content
8.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
8.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
8.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

9. Infrastructure Management

9.1. Technology Management

9.1.1. Executive Content
9.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
9.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
9.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

10. Continuity Management

10.1. Backup Management

10.1.1. Executive Content
10.1.2. Configuring LabTech Settings
10.1.3. Configuring Client Settings
10.1.4. Using LabTech Every Day

For more information, contact LabTech Sales at 877.522.8323, option 1 or

LabTech 2014 Training Schedule

August 18 — 22, 2014 (5 Day Format)
September 15 — 19, 2014 (5 Day Format)
November 17 — 21, 2014 (5 Day Format)
Location: LabTech Headquarters, Tampa, Florida

October 6 — 10, 2014 (5 Day Format)
Location: Sydney, AU

Reservations are required in advance. Seating is limited to 24 attendees per class. Training is performed in a classroom environment, not a production environment.

LabTech Software will provide breakfast and lunch on the second, third and fourth days of training plus one dinner event including transportation. Ground transportation to and from the host hotels to the LabTech Training facilities is also included. Travel and expenses are not included.

For more information, contact LabTech Sales at 877.522.8323, option 1 or