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October 21, 2014

3 Hauntingly Effective Ways to Capitalize on Email Security

Drew McCallum
Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.
email security

As we’ve outlined in the previous weeks, emails that go unprotected can be terrifying, but there’s no reason for your clients to be afraid. In this final installment of our four part series on email protection, we show you how implementing an email security solution will create trust for your clients, and how the resulting relationship quality will take your service offering from petrifying to profitable. 

Spook-tacular Recurring Revenue and Value

Providing your clients with an email security solution means offering them ongoing risk analysis to ensure their data stays secure. The additional cost for email protection can be included as a value-add, or you can increase your monthly charge at contract renewal time. Either way you look at it, your business benefits in the form of enhanced client satisfaction or increased recurring revenue.

Boo-tiful New Verticals

Integrating a hosted email solution into your service offering presents a unique opportunity to appeal to potential clients in new verticals. Offer your services to law firms as a way to manage client information reliably, and you can provide pertinent electronically stored information (ESI) during discovery, saving the firm time and money. Firms that deal with civil litigation risks are looking for ways to minimize that risk, make quick work of discovery requests, and allow counsel adequate time to prepare. Hosted email means immediate information retrieval instead of months of searching for the right version of a contract or agreement.

Value-Add With Enchanted Encryption

Chances are most of your clients don’t have the resources to keep up with all the changes in government regulations. That’s where you come in. Let the challenge of regulatory compliance become an opportunity for you to further expand your value-add as a trusted advisor. By including an email encryption solution in your services offering, you can make sure clients are complying with regulations around email security. By keeping them safe from the scary consequences of non-compliance, your clients will keep coming back for more.

To get started reaping the benefits of email security solutions, explore those offered by our premier partner, Reflexion. Other solutions that can help you get started include Office 365 and AppRiver. With a little research into the available solutions and how they’ll integrate with your existing tools, you can master the art of email security, grow your business and protect your clients from a fearsome fate.

Drew McCallum Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.

As co-founder of his own managed services business, Drew truly understands the day-to-day challenges of building an IT services business from the ground up.


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