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March 17, 2016

3 Keys to Delivering Secure Accessibility in the Cloud

Callen Sapien
Solution Strategist
ConnectWise, Inc.
Keys to Secure Access to Cloud with File Sync & Share

As customer files and data are moved to Microsoft® Office 365™ and other clouds, service providers need to find ways of keeping their customers’ information secure and available to them.

Customers want the same access to files they have on premise, anywhere. They know their data is backed up, so shouldn’t they be able to just grab a file from the comfort of their home computer, or open it up on their iPhone in the middle of a board meeting? To them it should just work. If only it was that easy, simple, and secure.  It can be, with file sync and share.

The solution isn’t file and folder backup. It’s not backup at all. It’s file sync and share. These products allow for the storing and sharing of files. Services like Dropbox may have paved the way, but they fall short in terms of management and security.

Full featured alternatives offer service providers the opportunity to manage their clients’ data and files, keeping it secure and available to them, anywhere, at any time, on any device, with very few exceptions.

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3 Common Things Enterprise Grade File Sync and Share (EFSS) Solves For (Compared to Free or Consumer Products):


  • It doesn’t matter if customers are concerned about HIPPA, SOX, data leakage or local regulations. Your customers need access to their data and documents instantly, and in a way that doesn’t compromise their security.


  • Everything they need to run their business is on-demand. File sync and share solutions meet collaborative needs.

Cloud Migration

  • These solutions can migrate a file server to a cloud environment in under an hour. This would include bringing permissions at a folder or file level with little or no work for the service provider.

Additional value can be found when comparing free or consumer grade solutions to the most readily availability products like Anchor and CentreStack. There is a vast difference in the feature sets of consumer solutions and business class products. Within the paid solutions, features are rapidly being added and tools are evolving to make it much easier to deploy and manage client environments.

Standout File Sync & Share Features:

Drive access without VPN

  • Many of these solutions can map to a “network” drive and allow access to files as needed online or offline. It looks and feels like customers are accessing a file on their personal computer or device.

Mobile Access

  • As data and files are consumed on a plethora of devices, it is important that solutions interact natively across any platform.

Selective File Sync

  • This means that only the files that are synced are the ones that are used. This a great feature when devices used most often have very limited storage.

In short, it’s plain to see that there’s a problem with active business availability and data management; that problem being intensified by the move to the cloud. These solutions, while not prevalent in the market to date, have the benefit of the rapidly advancing features.

This helps to provide value over currently used software. This truly is a blue ocean opportunity for someone going out and selling these new solutions to end users, so why not ride the wave too? Ready to expand your managed services offerings?

Get started on the right track with solutions that streamline your business.

Gain Full Access to Your Data

File sync & share’s ever-evolving features will keep your business on the cutting edge.

Callen Sapien Solution Strategist
ConnectWise, Inc.

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Gain Full Access to Your Data

File sync & share’s ever-evolving features will keep your business on the cutting edge.