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March 24, 2015

4 Key Ingredients for Sales Success

Adam Slutskin
Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.
4 Keys to Sales Success | LabTech Software Blog

As the owner of a successful IT services business, I’m sure you are up-to-date on industry trends and have gathered significant technical expertise over the years. It’s not hard to believe that amidst all the hard work and dedication it takes to build (and manage) a successful IT organization, you’ve found little time to devote specifically to developing your internal sales team.

We’ve got the answers you need to capitalize on your sales efforts, whether you’re running a team of 2 or 200. Focus on these key aspects of a successful sales team and you’ll be well on your way to increased production, performance and profits!

Hire the Right People

Successful salespeople generate predictable income, and they do that because they’re driven, proactive people. They learn quickly from mistakes and want to exceed every goal, every time. When you’re in the market for new sales reps, focus on proven sales experience and a great cultural fit.

Before onboarding a new sales rep, be sure to clearly explain your sales objectives and expectations. Create a clear and precise compensation plan that is achievable, and review the plan with your sales person and make sure they are in agreement.

Define Sales Roles

Structure your sales team to maximize the skills, knowledge and experience of its people. In an ideal world, your team would be organized into three key roles:

  • Business Development Manager (BDM). A low-cost, entry-level position responsible for starting communication with potential prospects. At LabTech Software, our BDMs are required to make 50 to 75 phone calls a day, and create up to 3 sales qualified opportunities.
  • Account Manager, otherwise known as your relationship specialist. This intermediate role is the “known face” of the team, responsible for generating additional revenue from the existing client base.
  • Regional Sales Manager (RSM). These are your experienced veterans whose number one goal is closing the deal.

Bring these roles together into a single, cohesive department and you will be able to nurture your clients from initial contacts to long-term, raving fans. With a team that has clearly established roles, conflict is also kept to a minimum.

Position Your Team as Trusted Advisors

Everyone in your organization is responsible for their part in the sales process, but no one is as well positioned for sales opportunities than your technicians. Building on their position as field sales reps, your technicians are ideally suited to act as trusted advisors to your clients. Consider loading tablets with sales and product information to help your technicians answer client questions on the spot. Let them upsell clients on email protection, antivirus, cloud services, managed backup and more.

Follow the Secret Formula

Successful sales aren’t born from a single practice. To see real results, you’ll need:

  • A fun, lively culture that keeps employees feeling engaged and appreciated
  • A dedication to making every employee feel heard
  • To encourage friendly competition
  • A team that works well together
  • To be prepared to work hard and play harder

Your sales team can be the lifeblood of your company, or the department you lose sleep over. Take our lessons to heart and you’ll be ready for a sales department so efficient, productive, and happy to come to work that you can’t help but succeed.

You Made the Sale. What’s Next?

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Adam Slutskin Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.


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