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October 27, 2015

5 Ways to Get More Customer Referrals

Adam Slutskin
Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.
Generate More Customer Referrals

When was the last time you shared a great customer service experience with someone? Chances are you’ve had some kind of stellar service you couldn’t wait to tell your friends about. In your business, the key to growth is offering the kind of service that people can’t help talking about.

These types of raving fans are a powerful marketing tool to help generate new customers. If you’re ready to get started on the path to a rewarding referral strategy, here’s 5 tips to keep in mind.

1. Make it Simple

If you’ve done your job well, your customers are more than ready to share the love. Don’t make them work for it with complicated processes and rules. Consider a method like the one we use, where partners can create an email address that goes straight to a dedicated service board. Anyone can use that address to send referrals to the board. Simple for customers, and easy for you too.

Simplify it further by providing customers with a quick “elevator pitch” they can share, to make explaining your business easier. Include your core values on your business cards, or consider a quick FAQs section in your newsletters that can be easily shared.

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2. The Beginning and the End

Spend some time focusing on your newest customers, who are still in the honeymoon phase and excited to talk about their new business ventures. Treat your new customers like VIPs and make sure they have something amazing to share.

But don’t forget about your long-term customers either. They’ve been loyal from the start, and the length of their time with you can be a big boost to their referrals. Share a discount, give beta access to new products, or host a special event to thank them for their efforts on your behalf.

3. Set Expectations

Instead of waiting on service delivery to elicit a referral, let your brand new customers know that you’re going to meet all of their needs without fail, and that in return you rely on referrals to help keep your business—and their service—strong. By setting the expectation right away, you could see growth in your referrals from these new customers.

4. Show Your Thanks

You don’t have to acknowledge every single referral, but you do want to send consistent thanks for referrals sent. Saying thank you—whether it’s in the form of a quick note or a box of cookies—always makes your customers feel appreciated.

Create a system that helps you stay consistent with these rewards. When a referral doesn’t end in new business, send a small thank you and keep track of it in the customer’s ticket. When you do get new business from the referral, send a bigger thank you that helps your customers understand that their referral was the perfect fit.

5. Just Ask

Be direct. When you get positive feedback from your clients, follow up your thanks with a few key questions. Is there anything else they need? Can they think of anyone else who you might be able to help?

Save these questions for face-to-face interactions that don’t involve billing, and remind your customers how easy you’ve made it to share a referral. They might not give you one, but if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get a referral.

Embracing these 5 tips for increasing referrals can help you grow your business faster and create a vibrant community that benefits your business and your customers. Get started today!

Share Your Referrals

Receive a sweet reward when you refer someone to any ConnectWise Business Suite product.

Adam Slutskin Chief Revenue Officer
ConnectWise, Inc.


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Share Your Referrals

Receive a sweet reward when you refer someone to any ConnectWise Business Suite product.