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April 23, 2015

4 Email Best Practices for Lead Generation

John Timko
Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.
Email Best Practices for Lead Generation

When you come to work on Monday morning, how many emails are already in your inbox? How many more come in through the work week and even on nights and weekends? More importantly, how many of those emails have you learned to ignore?

Your clients are no different. They’re inundated with a constant stream of emails demanding their attention, so how do you make sure your messages aren’t the ones being ignored? There’s no perfect answer, but there are some key best practices that can give you the best chance of getting your message through the crowd.

According to the Radicati Group, email use is on the rise, with a prediction of 5.2 billion email accounts being used by the end of 2018. Email is still an incredibly powerful lead-generation vehicle, so it’s up to you to wield it wisely. Here are 4 proven best practices to help you do just that:

1. Make it Personal

Rely on your contact list to provide you with some information about the people who will receive your emails. When you’re crafting your email messages, make space for personalization around places, job roles or behaviors that help recipients feel like you’re paying attention.

For IT service providers, you can even consider personalizing your message based on what business stage your client is in—create messages that speak to the needs of every stage of the business lifecycle.

Quick tip: Streamline contact information and topics through a preference center tool, which can provide an easy way for subscribers to manage email by controlling what they receive and how often they receive your messages.

2. Get Your Nurture On

Email isn’t just for communicating with current clients. Keep developing the relationships you’ve begun with prospects through nurture campaigns. By communicating through these educational emails, you’re leading your prospective clients down a pre-determined path. Along the way, you’ll learn more about what they’re looking for, and you’ll be able to provide the answers they need.

By parsing out your content and delivering it in response to each recipient’s point on that nurture path, you’ll increase the chances of your contacts responding to your messages.

Quick tip: Try using nurture campaigns to lead up to—and then follow up from—important events. Deliver invitations and previews, share schedules and send follow-up messages that drive readers back to your assets.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

A responsive design can make or break your email outreach. Most of your readers are likely to be accessing their emails from a smartphone or other mobile device, so optimizing your emails to perform well on those devices can make a big difference in whether or not someone reads them.

Quick tip: Keep designs simple for fast loading (and to cater to older phones).

4. Talk to Your Social Network

Use social networks to complement your email efforts by repurposing created content from newsletters and assets to drive back to your website. If done well, social networks can work hand-in-hand with emails to improve your client relationships and help you find new clients.

Social Times reports that the presence of social sharing links in emails can increase click-through rates by 158%. The more clicks, the more people are exposed to your content, so make sure your social media channels consistently reflect your brand identity.

Quick tip: Take it slow; you don’t have to be on every social media platform at once. Start with one or two and take it from there.

These email best practices lay the groundwork for real connections that can drive click rates and help you capture more sales leads. Put them to work in your communications plan, and you’ll see more engaged connections, more informed clients and new prospects excited to get to know what you can do for them.

They’re Reading Your Emails. Now What?

That incredible communication you’ve got going will ultimately lead to new clients. When that happens, make sure you don’t lose them in the onboarding process.

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John Timko Vice President, Marketing Strategy
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, John knows the importance of playing for the name on the front of the shirt instead of the back, so he’s always looking out for what’s best for LabTech partners.


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