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June 2, 2015

Eyes on Your Own Paper: Why It’s Time to Stop Worrying About the Other Guy

Josh Preston
Service Design Program Manager
ConnectWise, Inc.
How to Focus on Client Satisfaction Instead of Your Competitor's Strategy

You’re sitting in your high school English class as your teacher passes out exam booklets, and you’re starting to feel the pressure. You know you’ve done your homework, and you should be prepared for the test…but you can’t help worrying. What if the other kids studied harder?

You have two options.

You can rely on your expertise to pass the test, or you can glance over at your neighbor’s answers. Choose the second option and maybe you’ll do better on the test, or maybe your ultra-perceptive teacher will catch you in the act and you’ll not only fail the test but end up in the principal’s office.

The thing is, worrying about what someone else might be doing isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s as true in your IT services business as it was in high school English. It’s time to turn your focus to what really matters: your clients.

Ahead of the Game

You’re not alone if you’re worried about what your competitors are doing. In a competitive market, businesses keep an eye on each other and try to stay ahead of the biggest and best offerings. The problem is that doing things that way can back you into a corner.

If a competitor offers a risky new pricing model or an expensive new add-on, you could one-up their offerings by presenting something bigger and better. But if you take action based on just what they’re doing, you are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

The Missing Piece

The key to making the right business choices is focusing on what your clients really want. They’re the ones who pay your bills, and if you offer up some shiny new service that none of them want or need, you may just drive them away. If, instead, you turn your attention to what your clients truly need, you won’t have to worry about what the competition is up to because you’ll be meeting the needs of the people who matter most.

Breaking the Mold

Instead of spending your time and effort worrying about what your competition is up to, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do my clients really need?
  2. Can I make it happen now?
  3. If not, how do I plan to make it happen in the future?

Whether in the form of client satisfaction surveys, follow-up phone calls or traditional face-to-face conversations, you have to get down to the details of what your clients need most. When you focus on how you can help your clients do business better, you’ll move leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in the minds of your clients.

Ready for Happier Clients?

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Josh Preston Service Design Program Manager
ConnectWise, Inc.

As a father of two who plays Minecraft with his daughters, Josh knows the value of practice, perseverance and a fresh perspective. Raising two little girls keeps you on your toes, and Josh brings that agility to his work at LabTech Software.


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